There weren’t really any extremely popular screen caps from episodes 7-8 that I could find, so here we’re skipping to episode 9. Yoon Hyein pretends to be held hostage by the terrorist group Athena, which she is in reality, a part of. Lee Jungwoo agrees to give up the SNC (some nuclear weapon-weapon related object) for her because he loves her. He soon returns to the warehouse where he thinks she’s being held, but there’s a bomb ticking in the warehouse. He calls out, 혜인씨! Hyein-ssi! in a frantic search for her. Yoon Hyein, outside the warehouse, about to leave with Son Hyuk, hears this and stops in her tracks. She just can’t lead herself to abandon him. Awww.. She loves him too. She turns to Son Hyuk, and turns back and runs into the warehouse. She grabs Lee Jungwoo, and together, they run out right before the bomb sets.

Earlier, Yoon Hyein and Lee Jungwoo go on a trip to Japan. She too, is falling for him (I have to say that he was a bit too clingy). She’s accepting his love over Son Hyuk’s.

Later (I couldn’t find a screen cap for this), Son Hyuk, who is becoming extremely jealous of Lee Jungwoo tells Yoon Hyein that they have to eliminate him. They set up a time and place, and that day, Yoon Hyein can’t bare to see him die and looks for places where Son Hyuk might be with his gun. She finds him and goes down to Lee Jungwoo (which wasn’t part of the plan) to safely escape with him without letting him know that he was about to be killed.

Finally, after missing oh so many hints, Lee Jungwoo figures it out: Yoon Hyein is from Athena. He angrily asks her what part is the real her. He tells her to go somewhere where he wouldn’t be able to find her so she doesn’t have to go to prison and he doesn’t have to face her. She really likes him now, but she has to leave him. Look at her tears. She feels remorseful.

She escapes to a little ocean port where she meets a young girl who becomes a bit close to her. She curiously asks a couple questions. Do you have a smartphone? Do you have a boyfriend? Isn’t your boyfriend supposed to be speed dial one? Yoon Hyein stays at her hotel-ish place and takes pills to suicide. The girl, seeing this, dials her speed number one: Lee Jungwoo. Not Son Hyuk. Lee Jungwoo is her number one.

Lee Jungwoo immediately comes and takes her to the hospital. When she wakes up, he says to her, Why did you do that, Hyein-ssi? I’d rather you hate me than see you die. Their love is strong, but forbidden.

As Lee Jungwoo goes to get something, Son Hyuk comes to take her away, against her will. When Lee Jungwoo returns, she is gone. Back with Son Hyuk, Yoon Hyein wakes up and tells him that she keeps having the same nightmare and she wants to stop now. He tells her that he regrets bringing her into this, and that there’s very little left to do so she should wait a little longer and he’ll finish.

Yoon Hyein, unable to stay still, follows people in Athena who go out while others go to kill Han Jaehee’s father. Han Jaehee’s father was captured by NTS, and to prevent him from spreading any information about Athena, which he was a part of, someone from Athena is sent out to kill him. Yoon Hyein looks out for Lee Jungwoo’s safety, and Lee Jungwoo, wanting to get back at whoever killed Han Jaehee’s father, sees Yoon Hyein holding a monstrous gun. How could she kill him? And how could she immediately go back to work for Athena after it took him so much to send her away? Lee Jungwoo now despises Yoon Hyein, who has finally become a friend.

Screen caps from episodes 9-13.