I can’t help but squeal whenever these two come on screen. Although feelings between the Milk couple have been developing throughout the drama, it’s only now that the two are growing jealous of each other. Cute.

In episodes 12 and 13, Jason gets jealous when he sees a male student taking a picture of Kim Pilsook for the showcase. Aww, he won’t even let anyone take a picture of his lady, not even if it’s for the showcase. Jason tells Pilsook that she needs to get a proper camera to shoot her, not her cellphone. He brings her to a fancy photo studio and she dresses up as an angel.

Later in episode 12, as IU sits down to eat, she sees Jason’s phone on the table. She thinks back to the day when she was in the photo studio, where Jason’s friend said, “How many girls do you have? Who’s the one on your phone?” Out of curiosity, Pilsook grabs the phone. But then she puts it down because she feels like she shouldn’t invade his privacy. Pilsook tries to concentrate on eating, but she just can’t stop eyeing Jason’s phone, wondering who’s picture is inside. She keeps staring at the phone, contemplating her options…but then Jason comes to take his phone. Pilsook, if only you had acted faster!

In episode 13, it is revealed during class that Pilsook has perfect pitch, a gift that not many people are born with. Samdong asks Pilsook for help because if he can get perfect pitch, then he won’t have to worry about singing off-tune. Jason doesn’t know why Samdong wants to see Pilsook, but let’s just say that he gets jealous and asks Samdong about why he’s meeting Pilsook privately. Jason doesn’t want to hurt his pride by seeing what the two are doing alone, but he ends up going anyways. Ha.

In this same episode, as jealousy is sprouting between both Jason and Pilsook, Jason finally confronts Pilsook. He tells her to not meet up with guys alone because people might start rumors, not because he’s jealous. Pilsook tells him to stop being so nice to other girls because they might get the wrong idea, not because she’s jealous. Jason then says that he’ll count to three, and they’ll both say if they’re feeling jealous or not. He counts to three, but none of them say anything. He just leaves. Or it appears so. A few seconds later, he pops up next to Pilsook and he says, “Fine. I’m jealous,” and Pilsook admits her jealousy as well. Awww. Then Pilsook gives Jason some of her bread. A sign of affection I suppose? The two end up happy with the results of the jealousy situation.

I’m looking forward to more of this couple next week :]