My Princess was getting a bit draggy and boring to me as it became more dramatic and less cute. But no worries, as the romance has been advancing between our two hot leads, bringing viewers more cute moments! And also the juicy kiss! YES.

Let’s start with episode 13, where Park Haeyoung brings Lee Seol to his old house. They spend time together; they sleep by the fireplace as Park Haeyoung hugs Lee Seol, Park Haeyoung wipes Lee Seol’s face after she washes it, Park Haeyoung plays with Lee Seol’s hair like she’s a doll. These are just some of the things they do.

And then at the end of episode 13, leading into episode 14, there’s a bit of heartache as Park Haeyoung tries to get Lee Seol to talk to him. She doesn’t because she feels guilty for her father, whose death was supposedly caused by Haeyoung’s dad. But then Haeyoung makes a brave confession and tells Lee Seol that he loves her, and that even if he tries to not see her, he can’t help but want to. Lee Seol is touched from his words and comes out. She starts to say something, but he stops her with a sweet kiss.

In episode 14, Haeyoung gives Seol a plant and tells her to take care of it. He then says that he’ll be so busy that he won’t be able to talk to her for a while. He disappears off the face of the earth, causing Seol to become anxious. She constantly texts him, but he never replies. She calls him, but he doesn’t pick up. So then out of desperation, Seol tells Haeyoung to at least reply with a period if he’s alive. And he finally does, causing her to jump up and down with happiness, falling into prince charming’s arms. And Park Haeyoung is back.