In Dream High, seems like Hyemi is finally going for the nice guy. I haven’t written a post about these characters (I think) since the Milk Couple has been my one and only obsession throughout this drama, but I find this subject quite post-worthy.

The nice guy, the underdog Song Samdong, is finally coming out on top! His caring personality and all the times that he took care of Hyemi when she was sad or unhappy are finally paying off. YES!

Hyemi is finally realizing her true feelings. After Pilsook tells her that liking someone makes you want to see them when you’re happy and when you’re sad, Hyemi thinks about who she wants to see when she feels happiest and when she’s the saddest. Then she sees Samdong, and she hides, watching him. His smile, his face, HIM. Not Jinguk, who’s right next to him.

Later, when Teacher Yang tells Hyemi that White Entertainment (led by the changed President Ma) will be taking both Jinguk and Samdong and helping them to debut, Hyemi is full of smiles. She starts to leave him, but then she stops when Teacher Yang asks her, “Who are you going to? Jinguk or Samdong?” It made her think a little. Who is she going to?

I, for one, am totally shipping this couple. Loved and rooted for them ever since the start of Dream High. I was hoping that they’d get together but I was afraid that the whole Jinguk and Hyemi thing would get in the way. Those two they met some 10 years ago or something, and childhood loves always end up with reuniting moments and everything. But I am so happy that things are turning around right now. Although some fans (including you reading this right now) may not be so overjoyed, I am. And at least Jinguk has Baekhee.