I’ve been waiting for this moment, when Hyemi realizes her true feelings and when Samdong runs towards her. At last, the time has come!

After Hyemi sees Samdong, she constantly thinks about him. And when Samdong yells her name to show her his contract with White Entertainment, she runs because she doesn’t know how to face him. She’s nervous and still not quite sure of her feelings.

Later in the episode, Samdong runs after the bus, thinking that Hyemi has left. He screams out in pain and agony, crying as he watches the bus get farther and farther away. But then Hyemi comes up behind him and tells him that she’s not leaving. Samdong hugs her tightly and the two embrace as Hyemi thinks once more about her real feelings.

Hopefully the last episode will be able to give us some more couple moments between these two! Because there definitely aren’t enough.