My favorite couple’s at it again! Dream High only has one more episode to go, so it’s about time that the Milk Couple sealed their relationship!

And when I said sealed, I meant with a kiss (just in case you didn’t get my pun heheh). As they walk around in the “place that looks like Mexico” after the interview that Pilsook had for a broadcasting station, Jason suggests that Pilsook delete her past pictures. But she said that she had good memories during that time period in her life, when she made new friends and met Jason. She doesn’t want to be ashamed of how she previously was, and she doesn’t like how people criticize her when they see her past pictures. But then Jason tells her, “I also liked how you were back then,” and he takes out his phone. His main picture is of Pilsook, before her transformation. Jason then clears up the whole Julie issue, saying that Julie is his little sister.

Then, Jason leans in to kiss Pilsook. She closes her eyes and he sees, so he kisses the stuffed animal that she’s holding instead. She gets mad, but then he really kisses her – on her forehead/nose/eye (not really sure where). And then Pilsook gets aggressive and puts her arm around for Jason, leaning in for a kiss on the lips. Too bad we can’t see it. I guess the directors wanted to keep this show PG and also prevent anti-fans from leaping on IU or Wooyoung. But I still wish that I could’ve seen the sweet lip action. Lips or no lips, the moment was cute nevertheless.

I’m going to be quite sad next week, after this series ends. There will be no more Milk Couple to rant about.