Title: 마이 프린세스
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Average Episode Rating: 13.2% nationwide

Main Cast: I started this drama not so much for its plot, but more for the main cast, and I kept watching just because of the main cast.

Song Seunghun as Park Haeyoung:

Song Seunghun is a very reputable actor in Korea. He’s famous for his role in dramas like Autumn Tale and East of Eden. I only saw the latter of the two dramas, but ever since that, Song Seunghun has become one of my favorite actors. He’s very talented, but although he’s not that old, I can tell that his appeal is dying down a bit.

Park Haeyoung is a spoiled grandson from a chaebol family. We never really hear about his mom, but his father was banned from the country after harming the royal family. His grandfather is the president of Daehan Group, a very influential company. He’s a diplomat and is proficient in a few different languages. He only has his heart for Oh Yoonjoo, the woman that he plans to marry.

Kim Taehee as Lee Seol:

If you don’t know Kim Taehee, then I don’t know where you’ve been. This actress is very accomplished; she first reached fame with her role in Stairway to Heaven, a drama that became very popular all over Asia. She also acted in Love Story in Harvard and IRIS, two dramas that earned considerable success. Not only is she a beautiful actress, but also a smart lady; in fact, Kim Taehee attended Seoul National University, the top college in Korea.

Lee Seol is an ordinary and ditsy girl who just lives life as it is. She has a huge crush on her history professor (Nam Jungwoo) and she always daydreams of seducing him. She loves the money and has lots of side jobs in order to earn enough for a ticket to Egypt (so that she can seduce her professor). One day, Lee Seol finds out that she’s a princess, bringing her a journey she never dreamed of.

Park Yejin as Oh Yoonjoo:

Out of the main cast of this drama, Park Yejin is the one that I didn’t recognize. She has acted in a number of dramas, however, such as popular ones like What Happened in Bali and Queen Seon Deok.

Oh Yoonjoo is the curator of the Haeyoung Museum. She has risen to the top of her field at such a young age, making a name for herself. She plans to marry Haeyoung, who she has grown up with, because of her greed for power and money. However, she is still in love with Nam Jungwoo, her boyfriend from her college days. They used to go on history expeditions together but then she betrayed him. When Lee Seol enters the palace, she does whatever she can to kick her out.

Ryu Sooyoung as Nam Jungwoo:

Ryu Sooyoung has been in many dramas, but the only two that I’ve seen him in are Successful Story of a Bright Girl and Bad Couple. I don’t remember him much from Successful Story of a Bright Girl since I saw it so long ago, but I definitely remember him from Bad Couple. I loved his character there so it was nice to see him in this drama too.

Nam Jungwoo is a history professor at the college that Lee Seol attends. When Lee Seol goes to the palace to live, he becomes someone that helps her out. He becomes someone that she can lean on and depend on when Park Haeyoung ditches her or when Oh Yoonjoo makes evil plans against her.

Director + Screenwriter:

The director of this drama, Kwon Sukjang, hasn’t directed any big hits, but he has directed some of the dramas that I enjoyed watching in the past, like Pasta.

The screenwriter, Kim Eunsook, wrote for the Lovers trilogy and also my latest favorite, Secret Garden

Synopsis (from Dramawiki):

An ordinary college student, Lee Seol, finds out she’s a princess. The grandson of Daehan Group, Park Haeyoung, is put in charge of educating Seol on proper etiquette.

First Few Episodes:

Once I saw the teaser for this drama, I anticipated its airing and the first few episodes met my expectations. I was hooked by the humor in the drama and the dynamics between the characters (especially Lee Seol, Park Haeyoung, and Professor Nam). Everything played in well and I thought that this drama would be a hit, especially in the ‘romantic comedy’ area.


Like I mentioned earlier, this drama’s teaser and first few episodes were very good. It started off on a good note, which is always good. A drama needs a strong start in order to keep it going. My Princess‘ early ratings even shot up to 20%.

The main cast was amazing. Don’t know what else I can say, except that the main cast of this drama kept me watching even when things started slowing down a bit.

The dynamics between the main characters and the side characters were too cute to watch. I loved seeing them fussing about and arguing (but not seriously) with each other. It made me feel fuzzy inside and the lighthearted manner of it all made my mood lighter too. Lee Seol’s royal maid (her main one) and the cute royal chef, played by BEAST’s Lee Kikwang were absolutely adorable!


The ratings showed that this drama was becoming a bit draggy and getting boring for some viewers. As ratings dropped, so did my interest. Maybe it’s because I was watching two other dramas at the same time and they were more intriguing than these dramas, but My Princess just didn’t appeal to me as much over time. Of course, every episode was interesting and all, but after watching, I never remembered what I had just seen.

I guess there’s also a problem for having high expectations for a drama before it starts airing. My expectations were high for this drama, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. Maybe the first few episodes did, but not the ones after – at least, not as much.

The OST of this drama was another disappointment. I like BEAST and I love Yoseob and all, but the OST just didn’t stick to me. Normally, drama OSTs get stuck in my head. But for some strange reason, none of the songs from these dramas were playing in my mind at all. I don’t even know how the songs sound like. I listened to the songs and they sounded nice, but they’re nothing special and they didn’t get played enough throughout the drama for me to really remember them. Kind of sad too, since I normally fall in love with OST songs.

Unfortunately, the plot was also a shortcoming of this drama. From the start, it was very unrealistic. However, it could’ve still managed to be a success, but in the end, the plot ended up being very draggy. Although it managed to make some progress, it wasn’t enough to bring the ratings up. And it wasn’t enough to keep me focused in the long run.

Additional Commentary:

I’m not sure if you’ve been reading some of my other reviews, but compared to my other reviews this year, this is by far the shortest one. Not necessarily because it was bad, but because there just wasn’t much to write about. While watching the drama was enjoyable, I didn’t remember much of what happened afterward, and honestly, I do not think that I’ll ever re-watch this drama in the future. It was a nice and breezy drama to go through but nothing special that will remain in my mind for a long time. This drama just goes to show you that even with a star-studded cast, a drama isn’t necessarily successful.

Rating: 3/5