We don’t know if anyone’s following our blog or anything, but it’s time for a drama update! The last time we updated you guys (in January), we were watching Secret Garden, Athena, My Princess, and Dream High.

Secret Garden ended a while ago, but just this week, we finished 4 dramas. We started Queen of Reversals last week and finished this Monday, and then yesterday, we finished My Princess and Dream High. Today, we’ve finished the fourth drama, Athena. That explains all the reviews and analytical posts that I’ve published in the past few days.

We also started Paradise Ranch when it began airing, but we decided to stop watching for a few reasons. First of all, the plot development was kind of weird and it wasn’t a drama that hooked us. Secondly, Lee Yeonhee isn’t as stunning as she usually is (in terms of appearance) in this drama, and Changmin isn’t really the best actor alive (since he’s a singer..). We easily quit this drama without any thoughts of returning to it.

So what now? I guess we’re going to start a few more dramas! I’m thinking of Midas and 49 Days. Midas captured my interest with the main lead – Lee Minjung, one of my favorite actresses, and 49 Days sounds very interesting with its fresh concept. Oh, and I’ve been holding off Giant for too long – it’s time to delve into this series! I’m excited!

Well, that ends our brief update, and happy drama watching!~