iTour Seoul is currently having this awesome giveaway, and to participate in it for a chance to win an iTouch, all I need to do is post my favorite promotional video here! I’ll be commenting on the video too :]

In all honesty, I loved all of the videos and it was difficult to choose one that stood out the most to me. I guess the boomerang one was the coolest one because the guy threw the boomerangs with such professionalism.  Every time the boomerang hit the intended goal, I was awestruck and amazed. I would definitely see this guy if (and when) I go to Korea in the future. I wish I had that talent..

However, aside from the boomerang guy, I liked the first video because it showed everything that you could possibly do in Korea. The tourist in Korea goes everywhere and takes videos of all his adventures, and then at the end of his trip, he looks back on everything he did. I hope that when I get the chance to hop onto a plane to Korea that I’ll be able to do everything this guy did! And that when I return, I’ll be able to look back on the fond memories (:

Another video that promoted tourism in Korea was of a guy that’s a pro at balancing objects. He could balance small and fragile items like eggs but also large, heavy objects like motorcycles. It was so cool that I wasn’t sure if he was truly talented or if there were some dirty tricks going on in that video. But then I remember learning in physics that there’s like this center of something that you can find in each object to make them balance, and that in every object, the center of balance (I don’t even know if that’s what it’s called) is different. So that’s why the guy can balance everything. That video would’ve been my favorite one had I not seen the boomerang video. But seriously, when I get to Korea, I really need to find these people and watch their performances!

So if you want to also join this contest/giveaway, then go here:

Apparently they’re also giving away Seoul passport cases (although I don’t know what they look like) but I think that you can join both. Well, at least I’m going to heheh :]