Title: 隔離七日情
Genre: Comedy, Suspense
Episodes: 20
Average Episode Rating: 27% nationwide

Main Cast (some descriptions taken from Wikipedia): In Cantonese dramas, there are many main characters, so there will be more than four in this list.

Steven Ma as Calvin Yik Cho-on:

Steven Ma has acted in a huge number of Cantonese dramas and he has also sang the theme songs for many of these dramas. I didn’t look down the list of dramas that he has starred in, but there’s probably a drama or two in that list that I watched in the past.

Calvin Yik Cho-on is a professional thief who, along with his girlfriend Christy, robs the irresponsible rich and donates a portion of their stolen fortune to charity. During his quarantine in the hotel, Calvin disguises himself as a rich Thai Chinese businessman who is participating in a jewelry trade fair.

Sonija Kwok as Christy Wang Ka-yu:

Sonija Kwok has also acted in a large number of TVB dramas; however, I only remember her from D.I.E., a drama that I saw a few years ago.

Christy Wang Ka-yu is Calvin’s girlfriend and also a professional thief. During her quarantine in the hotel, Christy disguises as the wife of a rich Shanghai businessman, and pretends to be constantly at odds with Calvin. Truthfully, she and Calvin are also a bickering pair. Calvin’s ambitious and proud personality often clashes with Christy’s more rational one.

Bosco Wong as Chiu Chin-lung:

Bosco Wong is one of the various reasons that I started this drama. If it’s an actor that I can name and recognize from watching Cantonese dramas, it’s Bosco. He has starred in many of my favorites, including Triumph of the Skies, Moonlight Resonance (sequel/spin-off to Heart of Greed), and The Seventh Day.

Chiu Chin-lung is an impulsive and overdetermined cop who is in the midst of investigating a kidnapping case. He tracks down the kidnapper into Wonderful Harbour Hotel and coincidentally gets isolated in the hotel with the others. Lung continues to investigate the case during the quarantine, encountering new friends and enemies.

Patrick Tang as Tai Siu-nam:

Patrick Tang’s name, face, and drama profile does not ring a bell. This is the first time that I’ve ever seen this actor in a drama. Well, at least I can recognize him in the future.

Tai Siu-nam is Wonderful Harbour Hotel’s compassionate and timid bellboy. Secretly working with a gang of kidnappers, Tai Siu hides the kidnapped boy in the hotel and tries to hide the boy from Lung.

Mimi Lo as Au-yeung Ka-ka:

Mimi Lo, like many of the other actors, also has a long list of dramas under her belt. (I guess it’s not something unusual for TVB actors and actresses since many of them are often in new dramas that come out.) This is the first drama that I’ve seen with her.

Au-yeung Ka-ka is a prostitute. She receives an outcall from the rich businessman Peter Tsui, who is temporarily staying at Wonderful Harbour Hotel, and coincidentally gets quarantined in the hotel as well. Her nickname is Girl Ka-ka, obviously going off of Lady Gaga (this made me laugh like crazy) and at one point in the drama, she even dresses up as the celebrity herself.

Synopsis (from Wikipedia):

Calvin and Christy, a pair of professional thieves, are quarantined in Wonderful Harbour Hotel for 7 days after the Hong Kong government discovers a guest at the hotel who is diagnosed with H1N1. The couple encounters a cop, a bellboy, a prostitute, a news reporter, a legendary thief, and several other rich and poor hotel guests and employees whom reluctantly bond together during their stay in the hotel.

First Few Episodes:

The first few episodes of this drama made me laugh like crazy. And trust me when I say that not many Cantonese dramas can make me laugh so hard. Most Cantonese dramas are more on the serious side than the comedy one, but this drama managed to mix comedy into its plot and its characters, and I loved it! I was definitely hooked by the first few episodes of this drama and I couldn’t stop watching until I finished.


Like I mentioned earlier, this drama had just the right amount of comedy in it while also having a more serious side. Most TVB dramas that I’ve seen in the past are completely serious with complicated plots and a bunch of characters that are intertwined and related to each other, but this drama managed to stay on the light side. It balanced both comedy and drama quite well in my opinion.

Another highlight, I must admit, is the plot of this drama. Itwas absolutely brilliant and it even captured my interest, causing me to start this drama in the first place. People get trapped in a hotel for 7 days, and in that time, they meet people, make friends, and get into all sorts of adventures.

Highlight #3: characters! What’s a good drama without the greatest characters ever?! The characters in this drama each had a story and as the drama progressed, we would be able to learn more about each person’s struggles and their past. The characters’ dynamics with other characters also provided for the lightheartedness of this entire drama and I loved watching different characters interacting with each other.

The ending of dramas – they always seem to fail to impress me. If it’s something that I hate from dramas, it’s the end because normally, dramas are supposed to leave viewers with a lasting impression. But they normally butcher the whole drama for me because many dramas do not end as well as I expect them to. However, with this drama, maybe it’s because I didn’t hold high expectations for the ending, but the ending scene left me laughing and with good thoughts about this drama. The characters all danced to ‘What a Wonderful World’ and while the ending was a bit ridiculous, it was hilarious and I loved it.


Normally TVB dramas are more on the realistic side, but this drama stretched it a bit. It was less realistic and more like something that you would really see on TV. It is possible for people to be quarantined in a hotel, but for all the drama – the thievery and the kidnapping – it just seems kind of far-fetched.

Additional Commentary:

I hardly review Cantonese dramas since I haven’t been recently watching that many of them, but I feel an obligation to watch a few since I am Cantonese by blood. It’s also nice and easy to watch since I can understand the language and what’s going on without the need for subtitles. This is one of the reasons why I began this drama. I used to watch a lot more Cantonese/TVB dramas with my mom when I was younger, but as I got older, the dramas became less original, so I diverged and met Korean dramas. Well, that certainly changed my life.

Rating: 4/5