Lee Kwangsoo is an up and coming actor in the Korean entertainment world.You may not recognize him quite yet since he has only acted in a few dramas so far; learn more about him here!

Background & Rise to fame:

Lee Kwangsoo first garnered attention through modeling. From there on, he made his screen debut through a CF in 2008, where he displayed his hilarious acting for the world to see. His epic facial expressions easily made him a person that viewers could easily remember. He continued to participate in CFs that year for KTF Show, a phone network.

Aside from his rise to fame, Lee Kwangsoo attends Dong-Ah Broadcasting College with a major in journalism. (Yay for writers!)

Physical Appearance:

Lee Kwangsoo’s physical appearance isn’t typical of someone in their mid-20s. He certainly doesn’t resemble the flower boys of Kpop or Korean dramas. Instead, he has some crazy hair at times along with a mustache and quite a bit of facial hair (that he surprisingly doesn’t shave off). I guess his distinct appearance makes him stand out amongst the crowd.

There’s no problem with looking different, but I think that many people, when they first look at Lee Kwangsoo, they wouldn’t find him attractive. He looks older than his age and a big savage-like if I may say so myself. However, he also has some special charms that can hook you and make you love him.

As for his body, Lee Kwangsoo weighs 78 kg and is a whopping 190 cm tall. Hi’s skinny and thin body makes him look even taller; if he was standing right next to me, I bet he’d be towering over me like a giant. Easily.

This doesn’t quite relate to physical appearances, but I didn’t know where else to put this. Lee Kwangsoo’s birthday is July 14, 1985, so he is currently 24 (25 in Korea).


I was a bit surprised when I found out about Lee Kwangsoo’s personality because in High Kick Through the Roof, he portrayed a very talkative and rowdy guy, but in reality, he isn’t that loud. He’s one of those actors that are quiet when they’re not acting. I find it kind of strange, as I’ve always thought that actors act well because they are so outspoken in the first place, but I’ve been proven wrong through actors like Lee Kwangsoo and others.

Lee Kwangsoo is a quiet, reserved person. He won’t repeat his words twice and if someone cuts him off, he won’t react with something like “Hey! I was talking!” Yet, despite his lack of speech at times, he is not afraid to show his personality, and he’s not quiet to the point of not saying anything, or else he wouldn’t be an interesting person at all.

A highlight of Lee Kwangsoo’s character is his habit of having the best faces ever. By that, I mean that his expressions are priceless, and they make me laugh like crazy. He probably doesn’t even realize how funny he looks sometimes.

Lee Kwangsoo likes to paint and draw cartoons in his free time, and he also likes modeling (since he originally was one).


So far, Lee Kwangsoo has acted in 3 dramas, and that’s going to soon become 4. He made his drama debut on That Person is Coming, a 2008 sitcom. He later acted in High Kick Through the Roof, where he was given a larger role. I actually saw this 120 episode-long sitcom, and at the time, I didn’t think much of him. However, Lee Kwangsoo was a character that gave me laughs and the episodes including him were very enjoyable.

Lee Kwangsoo then moved on from sitcoms onto a historical drama, Dong Yi, which was fairly successful during its run, getting about an average rating of 20%. This year, Lee Kwangsoo will be acting in the highly-anticipated City Hunter, starring Lee Minho and others. He will be acting as a genius who is stiff and rigid in terms of personality.

Variety Show: Running Man

I really started to pay more attention to Lee Kwangsoo when I started the popular SBS variety show Running Man. From the first episode, he surprised me with his appearance (tall and skinny), and his quiet personality. Through this variety show, I learned a lot about Kwangsoo.

Kwangsoo is quiet but willing to speak. If someone interrupts him while he’s speaking, he shuts his mouth and won’t repeat what he said. In fact, he’ll never repeat his previous words. He gets bullied easily by the other members of Running Man. He’s quite an innocent character – or so it seems.

Yet, as the show progressed, Kwangsoo showed viewers his specialty – slandering and gossiping. He would create outrageous stories about the other members of Running Man (mostly Song Jihyo), causing everyone to burst into laughter. His serious expression while telling these lies added to the humor of it all.

Through Running Man, Kwangsoo also displayed his various facial expressions and his brilliant acting. Although to many Running Man viewers, Kwangsoo is probably the least popular and least liked compared to the others, he’s the highlight of Running Man for me. He makes every episode memorable with his witty remarks and his timid behavior makes the show even more enjoyable. Without his presence in Running Man, I’m not sure if the show would be as good – indeed, the producers made a good choice when recruiting Kwangsoo for this variety show.

Why I Love Him:

To sum up this post, I’ll finally get to the main point of why I started writing this actor profile on Lee Kwangsoo in the first place – because he has easily risen to becoming one of my favorite celebrities in the Korean entertainment world. You may be thinking, why? I already explained it all throughout this post, as it’s just overflowing with good things to say about Lee Kwangsoo. But if this was an essay, it would need a conclusion, and here is the conclusion.

Lee Kwangsoo might not (actually, scratch that – he ISN’T) the hottest or cutest Korean actor around. Let’s be honest – his looks are not to his advantage in this field. However, his bright smile, his quiet yet talkative personality, and much more make him a great person, not to mention an entertaining one to watch.

I’m sure that he’ll make it big one day and that everyone will be looking at him in advertisements, dramas, movies, and variety shows. Look out for Lee Kwangsoo!

Additional Websites:

Interested in finding out more about Lee Kwangsoo? Then check out the websites below! With each website, I’ve written a brief description about it; you can feel free to browse around and learn more about this up and coming actor! Also, I have taken most of the information about Lee Kwangsoo from these websites (so I guess you could also call this a bibliography). 

1. http://kingkongent.com/star/lksoo/ – This website is the official actor profile of Lee Kwangsoo.  Here, you can find some (but not all) pictures of him as well as see all the CFs from his earlier days (under Multimedia)! I would post the videos here myself but they are nowhere on Youtube.

2. http://twitter.com/masijacoke85 – This is Lee Kwangsoo’s personal Twitter. His current profile picture is a cartoon animation of himself. (I’m guessing that he possibly even drew it.)

3. http://www.cyworld.com/kkungss – This is Lee Kwangsoo’s personal Cyworld – included are  selcas of the actor, status updates, and more!

4. http://people.nate.com/people/info/le/eg/leegwangsoo_model/ – This is Lee Kwangsoo’s official Nate profile. You can find a simple actor profile on him – all the CFs he was in, the dramas he acted in, and the awards he won.

5. http://movie.daum.net/movieperson/Summary.do?personId=184458 – This is Lee Kwangsoo’s Daum profile. It contains a lot more than just simply his resume (like in the Nate profile). By clicking on the different tabs, you can find current pictures and news articles about Lee Kwangsoo.

6. http://cafe.daum.net/The-GS.world – This is Lee Kwangsoo’s fan cafe. So far, he doesn’t have that many fans (and I’m not surprised), but at least it’s better to have a few dedicated fans instead of a bunch of bandwagon fans that don’t really like him that much.

Lee Kwangsoo’s Twitter picture: