I recently received a comment from someone asking for a list of drama recommendations (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese), so in this post, I’ll be listing and briefly describing a few dramas that I found enjoyable and memorable. I hope this post helps you guys out with choosing dramas to watch! (And if you end up choosing a drama here but you don’t like it, sorry!)

1. Smiling Pasta (Tw): This was the first Taiwanese drama I ever saw and I fell in love with it! This drama is really cute, funny, and also sad. The OST songs were also amazing (and I still remember them to this day, 4 years later). In short, this drama is about a male celebrity that ends up pretending to date a normal female after the paparazzi catch them “kissing”.

2. Full House (K): This is the CLASSIC Korean drama – a huge hit in Korea as well as overseas, this drama is a must! However, when I first saw this drama, I didn’t like it (probably since it was the first Korean drama I ever saw in my entire life), but recently, after re-watching it, I  understand why everyone loves it. This drama is cute and dramatic (as most Korean dramas are anyways), and if you’re looking for a Korean drama, this is the one to watch.

3. Hana Yori  Dango 1 + 2 + Movie (J): This Japanese drama series was the first that I ever set my eyes upon and it’s so good. Better than Meteor Garden and yes, better than the super overrated Boys Before Flowers. Although the main guy character isn’t especially good looking, he grows on you after a while, and scenes from these dramas are still vivid in my mind as I’m typing up this post right now. Definitely not a Japanese drama to miss.

4. MARS (Tw): Looking for something really deep and profound? Perhaps you’re sick of those story lines where the guy is rich and arrogant and the girl’s happy go lucky, sweet, and innocent. Well then, MARS is what you may want to watch. It’s the story of two people who have very dark pasts and how through love, they are able to come together and help to heal each others’ wounds. It’s not like other dramas – this one is REALLY deep and it’s all serious, so if you’re up for it, then watch it! (In fact, many people have said that this was their favorite Taiwanese drama.)

5. Gokusen (J): This drama series (since there are three, but I’d only recommend watching the first one since it gets really repetitive after that) is very hilarious and I loved it. It’s about a female teacher that goes to this school and ends up teaching this group of delinquents. They bully her and give her a hard time, but when they’re in trouble with other gangsters, she steps in and helps beat up the bad guys. Her students come to respect and love her, and she grows bonds with them. This drama has a nice story line and it’s one of the only Japanese dramas I like.

6. My Girl (K): Another Korean drama classic. You MUST watch this one. It was one of the very very few dramas that I actually re-watched out of my love for it. It’s a mix of hilarious and serious, and the lead actors are hot. I don’t have much to say about this drama except that it was pretty AMAZING.

7. Witch Yoo Hee (K): I don’t really know why, but when I watched this drama, I really liked it. This drama is about a mean lady that wants to change, so she hires this guy to give her a makeover and make her prettier and more likable. However, the two end up falling in love (as is always the case).

8. My Lucky Star (Tw): The only bad thing about this drama is the fact that the lead actress is actually Korean, so her voice is dubbed, and the dubbed voice sounds really annoying. But other than that, this drama is great. I hesitated a bit before watching it because I wasn’t sure if it would reach my standards, but it luckily did. This drama’s about a poor girl who makes fake jewelry and cons people, and this rich guy who meets her. They end up going out but then the drama takes a dramatic turn and the two get separated.

9. East of Eden (K): Looking for a sorrowful revenge story with really dramatic twists and turns? Then this may be the drama for you (although it’s 56 episodes). If you don’t mind the length of the drama, then I recommend this one. It’s very dramatic and I can’t quite explain it all in a paragraph, so give it a try instead! But one other warning – it gets really really dramatic and unrealistic, and most of it repeats itself (you’ll understand what I mean if you watch it). Nevertheless, it’s a good drama, and one that I enjoyed watching.

10. Miss  No Good (Tw): This may not be the drama for everyone. I only liked it because I’m weird like the main character. She’s a crazy girl who loves dressing fashionably in ridiculous colors, and her hair’s flying in all directions. She consults this fashion expert for tips on looking better and they end up falling in love. I loved this drama because although the plot is sort of cliche, the characters aren’t.

Well, I hope this list helped! :]