We’ve been absent for a while – sorry about that. Blame school. I had a research paper that I had to write for my government class, and then after that was done, I went on a trip with my family. The past few days have also been pretty hectic, but as things return back to normal, I can finally start watching some dramas again~

So I have caved in and finally started SungKyunKwan  Scandal. I just hope that it doesn’t disappoint me, because I’ve been reading a lot of good things about it online and it seems like a promising drama. I got through three episodes today, and so far, they have for the most part been funny, intense, and interesting. I’m liking it so far!

I’m going to start watching the much-anticipated 49 Days soon as its plot seems very different and new. The main cast also looks physically attractive so that’s a nice plus; although ratings haven’t been that high for the first 8 episodes that are already out, it still seems like an intriguing drama to watch (:

Oh, and also, I’m currently watching the variety show Running Man. If you haven’t seen it, give it a try – it’ll definitely make you laugh like crazy. I haven’t seen that many variety shows (only 3 other ones) and this one is surely one of the best. I have friends and family members watching it and we all love it. :]

Well that’s it for now guys~