I hardly EVER write about Kpop. I used to fangirl like crazy and post a LOT about 2PM and others on this blog, but then I started to divert my posts to that of Korean dramas. However, I am quite impressed with U-KISS’ new song 0330, and I just HAD to write about it.

Ever since their early days, I have always been a follower of U-KISS. I was never a super devoted and dedicated fan that loved them and only them with all my heart, but I did have some interest in the group, primarily because of a few reasons. For one, they were one of the first Kpop groups that I was exposed to (surprising?), and two, because one of their now former members, Alexander, can speak Cantonese (since he’s from Hong Kong). I’m Cantonese, so I had a little bias for him at the time, and I still kind of do.

Fast forward to the present. Compared to man other Kpop groups, U-KISS has honestly been doing very poorly in terms of their song and member popularity. Their title tracks have mostly been auto-tuned songs that sound old and boring after a while, and their fan numbers aren’t that high. So their entertainment company decides to cut two members – Alexander (noooo) and Kim Kibum, also known as the brother of SS501’s Kim Hyungjoon. NH Media then adds two members to the group to keep the 7 members as they were originally.

With the new members added, U-KISS releases a mini-album called Bran New Kiss. (Why it’s called “Bran” and not “brand” is beyond the point.) When the mini-album came out, I listened to all the songs, and after watching the MV for 0330, I only found 0330 memorable and a nice song to listen to.

Then today (finally getting to the main point of this post), I saw the live performance of 0330 on a music show, and it blew me away. Well, I didn’t have huge (or any) expectations for the performance, but it really surprised me. U-KISS’ vocals have definitely improved with the addition of their new members – the sound is clearer and stronger. In addition, the synchronization was great and I loved how a few members sang the back vocals (since normally Kpop groups don’t sing those parts at all). It was a very clean performance and I am very proud of U-KISS. Although I do mourn the fact that two members were practically kicked out of the group, I am glad and happy that the new members helped the group become even better.

Watch the performance below:

Hopefully, this new journey will be the start of U-KISS’ rise to fame and really become famous in Korea and internationally.