I am only into the first five episodes of this drama and I love it! SKK Scandal is surely able to maintain its old feel (in the time period that this drama is set in) to a fresher feeling. I laugh and I watch intensely with my heart beating. I love how the producers are able to combine so many different elements together and one of the things I love most right now is the developing friendship between our main cast.

Kim Yoonshik (AKA Yoonhee) and Lee Seonjoon start out as what seems to be enemies, but over a short period of time, they are able to help each other out and defend each other. They always claim that they’re doing it out of their personal set of principles, but we later see a blooming friendship grow between the two as they learn to be there for each other in times of happiness and strife.

Another character, Moon Jaeshin, the glorious, rebellious bad boy who fights for justice, joins this friendship. He slowly warms up to Kim Yoonshik and while they are not officially friends yet, he does give Kim Yoonshik a helping hand. Although he is a Soron and Lee Seonjoon is a Noron, the two come to work together for the sake of the middle man (errr woman), Kim Yoonshik.

I’m loving this friendship theme so far; many dramas normally delve into the love scene pretty quickly, but this one is starting out by building friendships, the foundation that will later become love.