So many choices, who should she choose?

Okay, so I guess I was exaggerating. Kim Yoonshik only has three choices, but let’s narrow that down to the big two – Lee Seonjoon and Moon Jaeshin (Geol Oh).

Both of these characters have completely different habits, they act differently, dress differently, and do things differently. Yet, in the end, they share one similarity – they like Kim Yoonshik.

Lee Seonjoon – he’s uptight and holds his morals close to his heart. He doesn’t care if he has no friends and if people don’t like him. He obeys his parents and is a filial son. He comes from a rich family with an influential father figure who he looks up to. He concentrates on studying and he doesn’t drink. He doesn’t date either or have the smallest interest in any woman whatsoever (well, except for one). He is a Noron*.

Geol Oh – he’s rowdy, violent, and impulsive. He’s the (almost) complete opposite of  Lee Seonjoon. He goes against his father’s wishes and secretly fights for the poor. Everyone is scared of him and he has the power to intimidate. He always cuts classes and drinks. He’s a rebel and he’s not afraid of taking risks.He is a Soron*.

What do the two have in common? Like I mentioned earlier, they both like the same girl (disguised as a guy). They also believe in helping others and they are very good at it when it comes to helping Kim Yoonshik.

*Norons and Sorons are different political factions (like Democrats and Republicans).