Two women with different pasts and personalities, two people whose lives have never crossed paths once – these two women are now connected to each other (although one does not realize it).

A pampered child who grew up in a rich household, Shin Jihyun always had everything. She was surrounded by many who cared for her – her parents deeply loved her, she had many friends, and it seemed as if every guy had a crush on her. She grew up with the perfect looks and the body that everyone wanted. She also possessed all the items and objects that others coveted – a number of adorable handbags and purses, stylish clothes that looked great on her, and beautiful shoes that brought her to great places. She owned many sets of make-up and had plenty of jewelry to wear to various occasions. It would be a lie to say that she didn’t live the perfect life that everyone dreams of. It was as if a princess popped out of a book. She truly did live the life of a princess. And despite all this, she was not haughty or arrogant to others; instead, she was kind and nice to those around her. To some, she was a bit too nice, a bit annoyingly nice. She was also very naive and ignorant about reality; she believed everything so easily and perhaps that was her only flaw.

Song Yikyung lived a life (not completely) opposite to that of Shin Jihyun. She worked in a high class hotel and had a great job. She wore stylish clothes and had a good figure. Her face was pretty and sweet to look at. She also had a boyfriend that she dearly loved. However, this all changed after her lover passed away in an accident. She moved into a secluded area and isolated herself from society and in essence, reality. She took on a night job at a convenience store and didn’t associate with anyone. She always wore a sad expression on her face, and she lived like this for five years. She never moved on from the past. Her daily meal consisted of ramen and she never cared about how she dressed or look towards others. She lived life just for the sake of doing so, and she tried to commit suicide a few times.

Now put the two together. Shin Jihyun finally realizes how sadness feels as she becomes betrayed by those that were closest to her, and through Song Yikyung’s body, she’s able to see who her true friends are. Song Yikyung, the one whose soul already died long ago, wakes up and she sees memories in her head of her happy days as a young girl. For Shin Jihyun, it becomes a sort of reversal, but for Song Yikyung, it’s just a rush of memories and scenes coming back to her.