The Scheduler, the one who gives Shin Jihyun her mission and pops in and out at various times throughout the drama, plays an important role in this drama. And even though he’s just a soul, he enjoys living his life (as a dead person). Not only that, but he has also left a past behind 5 years ago when his earthly body died.

The Scheduler’s job as a scheduler is to schedule the deaths of people on Earth. When they die at the appointed date and time, he comes to take their soul into the elevator, which will take them into the afterlife (the drama doesn’t really say where the elevator takes the souls, but this is what I’m assuming).

I don’t have a whole lot to say about the Scheduler, but I did find a bunch of pictures of him. So whether you like the Scheduler in 49 Days or the actor Jung Ilwoo, you’ll surely enjoy the rest of this post.