Am I stupid or what? I feel quite ignorant indeed for assuming that this drama is 16 episodes…

Well, now everything has changed. Before, when I had assumed that there were only two more episodes left to this drama, I thought to myself, “Wow, they have to wrap it up so soon and quickly! I wonder how they’re going to tie everything up.”

But now that there are actually SIX episodes left, everything changes. There’s more time to wrap the drama up, and more time to tie up all the loose ends. I love how this drama is progressing right now, and I can’t believe that I caught up to episode 14 in five days. Crazy. But now I’ll have to wait for another week before being able to see what happens..

The cliffhanger at the end of episode 14 is making me go crazy too. It was so shocking. Right now, all these thoughts are running around in my head. What’s going to happen next? How did Yikyung know that it was Minho? And etc.