The past month was full of melodramas like Thorn Birds and Midas, dramas that caused us agony and suffering from all the dramatic events that were happening. These dramas were not the types that would pull at your heartstrings in some moments and then make you laugh in other ones. Yet, new dramas are now popping up everywhere, and they are all much anticipated for many, many reasons. It’s finally May, the month of madness.

So far I have seven dramas on my list that viewers are looking forward to. Not all of these dramas will be airing their first few episodes in May, but the majority will be. So many choices, yet so little time…

So what should you watch? Or at least look out for in these next few weeks?

1. Baby-Faced Beauty

This drama began airing this past Monday. So far, it’s ratings are nothing to boast about, and this drama is pretty low-key out of the others, but I personally want to see this one for a few reasons. Before I get into more detail, I’ll describe the plot of this drama first.

In short, Baby-Faced Beauty is about this 34 year-old woman that gets a job as a fashion designer, and then she ends up falling in love with this guy that she meets at the fashion company. The little twist to the drama is this – the woman looks like she’s 25, and the man she ends up falling in love with looks much older than he actually is. See the little “opposite attracts” thing?

Why do I want to watch this drama? Mostly for the two main leads. The leading lady is Jang Nara, who acted in the 2002 hit drama, Successful Story of a Bright Girl. However, I find her more interesting because she has been active in China for the past few years. She’s the only Korean actress I know of who has ventured into the Chinese market. She is fluent in Mandarin and has landed a few lead roles in some Chinese (mainland I’m assuming) dramas, which is quite an accomplishment. Now for the main man, Daniel Choi. He’s not an extremely popular actor but you may have seen his face a few times. I find him most notable for his role in the sitcom High Kick Through The Roof. He also acted one of the most popular movies of last year, Cyrano Dating Agency. I have converted into a fan and I am very eager to see his acting in this drama.

2. Best Love

This drama began airing this past Wednesday (two days ago). Its ratings are pretty much equal to that of Baby-Faced Beauty‘s, but then again, it’s probably because both dramas just started airing this week.

Best Love is based on a concept similar to that of We Got Married. It’s about a female singer (who used to be popular back in the day but no longer is) and man that’s currently a hot topic in the entertainment industry. The two get paired together in a fake marriage show, and then they eventually fall in love with each other.

I am very excited to see this drama because the Hong Sisters are behind this one, and they never go wrong. You may think that you’ve never heard of the Hong Sisters, but think again. The Hong Sisters are a pair of blood-related sisters that work together in writing dramas. They’ve been the brains behind notable dramas like Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, My Girl, Fantasy Couple, Hong Gil Dong, You’re Beautiful, and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. They’re famous for coming up with creative plots and weaving in funny and witty scenes. All their dramas are very enjoyable and expectations are high for this one too.

I am also watching this drama for the main leads. I first came to know Gong Hyojin through Pasta, a drama that I quickly became addicted to last summer. I haven’t seen any of her other works, but I do look forward to seeing her here. Now onto the male lead, Cha Seungwon. He played the evil character in Athena and I am very interested in seeing how he’ll be acting in this drama, since his character will be the complete opposite. He won’t be the evil guy that we all hate – instead, because Best Love is a romantic comedy, he’ll be taking on a character with humorous remarks. I wonder how that will turn out.

3. Lie to Me

This drama will begin airing next Monday,  on May 9. It’s another romantic comedy, much like the other two dramas above. The storyline is nothing that new. It’s about a girl that lies all the time, and then after lying about being married to this rich guy, they end up becoming involved in each others’ lives and later fall in love with each other.

I’m watching this drama for Yoon Eunhye. Maybe she’ll impress me with this drama (she failed to do so with Take Care of the Young Lady). Honestly, the plot’s nothing new and the other lead guy isn’t that handsome or hot in my opinion.

4. Romance Town

This drama will start airing on May 11, two days after Lie to Me begins its run. This drama is the typical one about a poor girl and a rich guy. The girl works as a maid in the guy’s house. Yup, that’s basically what it’s about.

I’m not familiar with any of the actors but I have heard of them before through other drama blogs. So for once, no, I am not watching for the main leads. The reason I’m thinking of watching this drama is because the writer of this drama was the writer of Pasta and I loved that drama. So I might as well see this drama – hopefully it’ll be just as good.

5. City Hunter

This drama actually doesn’t start airing until the end of May, May 25th to be exact. This drama is based off of a Japanese manga of the same name. In short, this drama is about two people that work in the Blue House (equivalent to the White House of the United States). The guy is like a detective and goes into crime scenes and everything (I think…).

I’m watching this drama because of the main leads (again)! Lee Minho from Boys Before Flowers and Personal Taste and Park Minyoung from SungKyunKwan Scandal as a pair? I’m in. I already saw some stills from the drama of the two together, and I can’t wait to see this couple. In addition, Lee Kwangsoo, my personal bias, is in this drama! So there’s no way that I’m going to pass this one up. Well, I might. But right now, I don’t intend to.

6. Miss Ripley

This drama will also start its run at the end of May (the 30th). Like her previous role in My Girl, Lee Dahae plays a character that always lies. Interestingly enough, this drama will be based off of the life of Shin Jeongah, a woman who spouted outrageous lies and sparked this huge scandal in Korea in 2008. She claimed to have earned a bachelor’s in the University of Kansas and a Ph.D later from Yale, but in reality, her highest education level was that of high school. She fabricated lies to earn high positions in the art world in Korea and went to jail as a result of her actions. Similar, Miss Ripley will be more or less like this.

I’m watching this drama for the very intriguing plot that is presented, and also for Lee Dahae and Micky Yoochun, who are the main characters of this drama. I became a fan of Lee Dahae after watching My Girl, and I saw her in East of Eden and Chuno as well. I want to see her performance in this drama; hopefully, she will be able to prove herself as a competent actress in the drama industry. Micky Yoochun, the other lead, was never really my favorite member from DBSK, but he did appeal to me a bit after I saw SungKyunKwan Scandal. Perhaps his acting will be better this time around.

7. You’ve Fallen For Me

This drama actually airs at the end of June, but it will be competing against some of the other dramas in this list. If you’ve seen You’re Beautiful and you wished that Go Minam ended up with Kang Shinwoo, then this is the drama for you! Because Park Shinhye (who played the character of Go Minam) and Jung Yonghwa (who played the character of Kang Shinwoo) have been cast as the main leads of this drama.

The plot of this drama goes as follows – like You’re Beautiful, it’s centered around music and a band. The guy is a member of this band called “The Stupid” (what a name, right?) and he’s known for his appearance. The girl plays traditional instruments (here comes the opposites attracts theme again). The two people’s lives do not collide until the girl’s friends bring her to a concert where “The Stupid” is performing. And that is the start of this love story.

Why am I watching? I already hinted at it earlier – I think that it’ll be quite interesting to see these Park Shinhye and Jung Yonghwa as the main couple in a drama, and I am also fond of these two. Park Shinhye won me over in You’re Beautiful and Jung Yonghwa also did so, especially through CN Blue and his guest appearances on Running Man.

Whoo, that was one long list! So gear up and get ready guys – this month is gonna be a crazy one! Crazy but fun, that is. It’s time to start picking and choosing…or you can just watch all of them like I probably will. (: