Wow, what an episode! I don’t even know how to describe this entire episode, so my thoughts may be a bit scattered in this post (well they’re probably always scattered in all my posts LOL). This post will just have bullet points, so it’ll be pretty short and straight to the point.

-Choi Jinwook accidentally gets onto the fashion runway and gives the audience quite a show. LOL it was hilarious.

-Lee Soyoung applies for work but gets rejected because she’s one year older than the boss and he doesn’t like hiring older people. Poor girl..but at least her baby face helps her land a job later.

-Lee Soyoung goes to a club and meets Choi Jinwook; she tries to get the jacket and he eventually throws it but it ends up in this huge martini bowl, so Lee Soyoung tries to grab it. As a result, she falls into the bowl, and gets dunked (and drunk). When she manages to get out of the bowl, it tips over and shatters on the ground. I previously saw stills for this scene, so when Wannabefob and I were watching it, we kept waiting for this moment, and the entire scene met our expectations. It was magnificent.

-Lee Soyoung goes to model at a fashion company in place of her sister, and as she runs to catch the elevator, her skirt gets caught in something and falls off. She awkwardly stands in the corner of the elevator with Ji SeungIl (the cold-hearted boss). Can you even imagine such an awkward scenario? And an embarrassing one at that too.

-Choi Jinwook sees hot legs and immediately goes up to the woman with those legs to help her carry the water back…until he sees that it’s Lee Soyoung! Alas, they see each other again.