There’s only four more episodes left in this drama and 10 days (correct me if I’m wrong) remaining for Shin Jihyun to complete her mission. She needs two more tears..who will give them to her? It’s time to make YOUR guess.

I personally think that Yikyung will be one of the people to give Jihyun a tears. In the drama, Yikyung told the doctor that she felt Jihyun’s presence, and she felt like someone really cared about her.

So if Yikyung is contributing one tear, who’s going to give the other one?

Initially, I thought that Seo Woo was going to give Jihyun the tear. She seemed to really be her good friend and everything, someone that truly loved Jihyun. But seeing as how she hasn’t cried yet, I don’t think she’ll be the one.

I’ve seen floating predictions everywhere that there might be some sort of shocker aspect in this- perhaps Minho or Injung will shed a tear? I don’t know how that will happen, as they’re the evil villains here, but Minho is falling for Jihyun, so he just may cry. I guess we’ll never know until we see it!

So tell us, who do you think are the other two that will help Jihyun out?