This episode was full of ups and downs; we’re only two episodes in, and I’m already hooked. With the flood of dramas coming our way, I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. But let’s cut to the chase here.

(Oh, and also, to clear things up, this episode aired last Tuesday, but I couldn’t post anything on this episode because it was never subbed until today. The agony of waiting..)

There wasn’t one specific highlight in this episode that really stood out to me, but there were certainly quite a few.

-Choi Jinwook scratches the company president’s car AND manages to throw seaweed soup into his face too. Two grand mistakes in one day? It’s pretty outrageous. But it was funny nonetheless. While trying to get revenge on Lee Soyoung, Jinwook ends up getting on the president’s bad side.

Jinwook believes that Soyoung is 25, and he even lies to his friends later, saying that she’s 18.

-Soyoung gets to show off her skills when she makes an article of clothing for Jinwook to wear and later when she puts the buttons on the clothes. YES! We’re finally getting to the good part.

And now it’s time for my fuming rants. I hate how that girl at the company slaps Soyoung on both cheeks. Wow..really? If she’s mad, she shouldn’t take it out on an innocent person, and even if she was really angry, physical abuse is a no no. Let me just say, this girl’s such a beezy, and she’s not even the main antagonist of this drama! When Soyoung rises up above the ranks and when her talent gets recognize, someone’s gonna get their butt majorly kicked. I can’t wait until that happens.

It’s not only this girl that’s hating on her, but it seems like nobody else has respect for her either. Soyoung pretends to be 10 years younger than she really is, and she gets treated like trash by everyone. Age is an important thing in the Korean culture, so when someone’s older than you, you ought to respect them and treat them right – actually, you have to, since that’s the code of ethics right there. Poor Soyoung, the girl has to go through all this criticism and if she told them of her true age, she would not be treated that way, not at all. But when she proves her skills to them, she’s gonna make it BIG. And everyone’s gonna be begging her to save them all. I hope that time comes soon.