With the recent news of SES’ Eugene getting married soon, I decided to write and publish a post about some drama couples that have become couples in real life. There are always those couples that you love and adore in certain dramas, couples that you wish could become lovers off screen even after the drama ends its run. Here are just a few couples that have taken their on-screen love onto a whole new level, transforming a made up story into a true one.

1. Hyun Bin and Song Hyegyo

These two made the headlines for days after announcing their relationship. With two of the hottest actors around in the drama world going out, it’s no surprise that fangirls would be screaming in pain, and that the media would be all over this cover story, scramming for the newest piece of news to write about. This was no joke – I’m pretty sure that a few of us were kind of shocked by the news. Really, two fabulous celebrities getting together?! It couldn’t get better than this.


Hyun Bin and Song Hyegyo  met through the drama The World They Live In in 2008; after the drama ended, they kept in touch and love was in the air. Although both probably gained some haters and anti-fans after coming clean about their relationship (I think that Song Hyegyo was more on the receiving end of it), the couple was not afraid to go out in public and display affection towards each other in the presence of others. How cute. Now that’s what I call brave.

But then, after Hyun Bin left for the army earlier this year, it was announced that the love that the two once shared no longer existed. Due to their busy and often conflicting schedules, Hyun Bin and Song Hyogyo decided to break up and go their separate ways. It was reported to be a mutual agreement, but there’s probably more drama underneath it all than we think.

2. Lee Chunhee and Jun Hyejin

I was really shocked by the news of these two getting married (well, I was shocked by all of them actually). Chunhee (also known as Chunderella from Family Outing) met Hyejin on the set of family drama Smile, You, where the two became lovers in the drama, later bearing a few children. After the drama ended, they remained as friends and then started going out. Their relationship was not announced until they got engaged; it was only then that the media got some information about this couple.

Lee Chunhee and Jun Hyejin are now happily married, and they’re expecting a kid sometime this year. Congrats!

3. Ki Taeyoung and Eugene

The news of this couple’s engagement was just released today! Eugene is one of my all time biases (I’ve seen most of the dramas that she’s acted in; I’m more of a fan of her dramas, not really her time in SES) so I was really surprised to read about this news. I never even knew that she was dating Ki Taeyoung, but then again, did anyone know? Maybe just a few.


Eugene met Ki Taeyoung through the family drama Creating Destiny (the first drama that I watched with Eugene). After that, they hit it off and I guess you could say that the rest is history. Eugene invited Ki Taeyoung to her church and after he started going more frequently, I’m assuming the the two became closer to each other to the point of dating and now marriage.

Perhaps another couple or two may come out and announce their relationship; there have been many marriage announcements recently, so I won’t be surprised if some more are revealed.