So far, the Hong Sisters have lived up to their name as I’m quite happy with what I’m seeing so far, and the drama’s going in the right direction as of now.

The drama starts out with the hottest girl group of the era, KBSN, which stands for National Treasure, performing a song and then winning a prize for that song. The whole re-enaction of a music show made me crack up a bit since it was so spot on and just plain hilarious to watch. (By the way, doesn’t KBSN seem like SNSD? I’m not hating, just stating my opinion. It could actually represent any idol girl group right now.) Fast forward ten years, and Goo Aejung, who was the most popular member of the group at the time, is now at the bottom of the ladder.

But Aejung has a chance to save herself, after landing in a strange situation with the most popular actor of the current era, Dokko Jin. The two hit it off on a rough start as most do and end up getting into each others’ lives more than both would’ve expected. Then on this variety show, there’s this intense moment where Goo Aejung calls Dokko Jin to do this quiz thing and he finally picks up. And oh boy, does he get really excited and into the game! I’m loving it.

Another great part of the first 2 episodes was Goo Aejung’s untimely meeting with the other guy of this drama, Yoon Piljoo. He asks her to name a price, and she is led to believe that she’s being treated like a prostitute. Their dialogue is so interesting and hilarious, because both are talking about completely different things, yet they don’t quite realize it.

The next 2 episodes should be out by tomorrow, but when they’ll be subbed, nobody knows.