It’s going to be a crazy month, as new dramas are popping up all over the place! Especially with a bunch of dramas coming out this month, I can assure you that it will be quite an interesting adventure going through all these dramas.

So far, only Best Love, Lie To Me, and Baby-Faced Beauty have made their on-screen debuts (although I’m also watching 49 Days, but that’s nearing the end of its run soon). All three dramas started out with fairly equal ratings, and all are romantic comedies – my favorite genre (and probably many others’ too).

If at this point, you asked me to rate these three dramas in order of my preference and how much I like them, I wouldn’t be able to really make a list as they’re all on the same level right now. However, my preferences will probably shift and move around throughout the upcoming weeks. Hopefully I don’t grow too tired or bored of ANY of these dramas though, because they all seem very promising. I look forward to further developments in all of the storylines here.

Lie To Me and Baby-Faced Beauty are currently competing against each other in the Monday-Tuesday timeslot, and Best Love is going against 49 Days.