Who ever said that lying is okay? Even those small white lies that one thinks will make no difference whatsoever end up doing more harm than good. An example of this? Lie To Me. This drama tells us exactly why lying is NEVER okay…or perhaps why it is, because it’ll help you get involved with a rich and affluent guy who you’ll end up falling in love with..

Gong Ahjung meets her backstabber beezy of a friend, Yoo Soran, at the hair salon. A little background- Soran knew thatAhjung had a crush on this guy, yet she stole the guy from Ahjung and married him. When the two meet again in three years, Soran mocks and makes fun of Ahjung for not being married yet. Ahjung, full of hatred and anger towards Soran, ends up telling a lie – she says “I got married.”

It took that one small lie to propel a set of rumors, that were later backed up when one of Ahjung’s old friends saw a handsome guy carrying her in the hotel. That friend told the others (including Soran) at a friends’ gathering, and then those friends told more people, who told more people, until everyone believed that Hyun Gijoon was married.

You know how rumors work – one person starts it, and then as more and more people hear it, variations of the rumor are made until it becomes this one ridiculous story that everyone believes. Such was the case here.

After Gijoon and Ahjung discussed the rumor, Ahjung agreed to clear things up, but just as she was going to the party to reveal the truth, Soran has to come in and start being a beezy again, saying harsh and hurtful things like “[My husband] really didn’t like you. He was annoyed because you always followed him around” and “Did you really think that I wouldn’t be able to see through your lie? There’s no way that you’d be able to catch such a good guy [Gijoon] as a husband. Why would he like a girl like you?” What a loser.

But in the end, this lie will help Ahjung to become a true Cinderella as her prince will start falling for her (: