Now, don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with being a nice guy. I, for one, find “nice guys” more attractive than obnoxious ones. However, this is rarely the case in Korean dramas.

In Korean dramas, whether you like it or not, the male lead usually treats the female lead obnoxiously at first, and then they fall in love. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to portray characters as being “easy,” but the people that the lead characters fall in love with at first sight rarely are the ones they end up with in the end. And so, “nice guys” are always just seen as “nice guys,” just close friends that you wouldn’t think of as a potential lover.

This too is the case in Lie to Me. Furthermore, the “nice guy,” Hyun SangHee (Sung Joon), is the male lead’s, Hyun KiJoon (Kang JiHwan) ‘s, brother. So that means that when the female lead, Gong AhJung (Yoon Eunhye), hooks up with Hyun KiJoon, his brother will have to stand in the back and watch jealously as his brother steals his girl. And to make things even worse, previously, Hyun SangHee liked Oh YoonJoo (Jo YoonHee) who later became engaged with Hyun KiJoon. While the engagement was broken off, just the thought that the girl you liked was about to become your sister-in-law is just painful and heart-wrenching.

While Hyun SangHee will probably get his own happy ending, it is probably safe to presume that he will not end up with Gong AhJung, no matter how nice of a guy he is. :( And although he might end up with Oh YoonJoo, his former love, he’ll still end up with a booby prize while his brother ends up with the grand prize. :/

Hyun SangHee, here’s a suggestion: If you want to get the girl, you might want to change your hairstyle and clothes to fit recent trends.