Shin Jihyun is prepared to leave and enter the elevator, but then she miraculously receives a second tear and a third one right after that. She can finally return to life in her own body. This is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for, but another conflict awaits.

Just like my initial predictions, Seo Woo does indeed give cry for Jihyun, and after being touched by Jihyun’s kindness, Yikyung cries sincere tears after realizing that she’ll be leaving forever.

It’s nice to see Jihyun finally wake up since we’ve waited for nearly the whole drama for this moment, but what I really dread now is the fact that Jihyun will not remember anything that happened in the past 49 days. She will not remember everything that she discovered about her fiance Kang Minho and her best friend Shin Injung. She will not remember Han Kang’s kindness and all his help to her and her dad’s company. She will not remember Song Yikyung and Song Yisoo either.

Perhaps, a miracle will happen. Just like how Song Yikyung came to miraculously see Shin Jihyun and become friends with her, just like how four people found out about Shin Jihyun’s soul being in Song Yikyung’s body (despite there being a very low chance of that happening), maybe Jihyun will be able to remember all the events that occurred during her time in the 49 days mission.

Well, there’s only 2 episodes left, so that means that a happy ending will be coming out way soon.