Kang Gunwoo, the main guy of this drama, is first portrayed as an obese and unattractive man, but after he returns from the states, he’s handsome and lean. He has certainly undergone a huge transformation in the span of three years.

Nobody really cared about Gunwoo. He was seen as a loser that constantly ate. People hung out with him just so that they could eat and drink for free since his wallet was full of money and credit cards. People scoffed at him behind his back and he really had no friends.

He meets Na Soongeum and feels that someone finally cares for him. But soon after, he leaves for New York. Three years, he returns and the two meet again. He’s no longer the loser that everyone made fun of, but the opposite. Sure, his personality may be the same, but his outer appearance is very different. It’s as if he’s a completely different person, and this time, people are finally paying attention to him (in a good way). Our lovely hero is no longer the horrendous hulk, but the hot hunk.

Gunwoo’s drastic change is not uncommon to see in dramas and movies nowadays. In the teen drama Dream High, Pilsook underwent a transformation that pleasantly pleased fans, and this transformation is no different. Also, in 200 Pounds of Beauty, the main character had plastic surgery on her whole body and became skinny and prettier (although I do not recommend having plastic surgery in order to impress everyone and change your image).

Transformations don’t happen overnight. But dramas make it seem that way. I’m just glad that this transformation happened within the first episode (: