We are finally introduced to the president’s daughter Hyeonyi in episode 5, and her appearance in this episode truly made it an enjoyable one.

So a bit of background- Hyeonyi comes to the company looking for her father, but she ends up running into Lee Soyoung while Soyoung’s looking for a make-up bag. Hyeonyi took the make-up bag and she’s found putting blush on her doll Jessica. Soyoung tries to take the bag but Hyeonyi says that it’s hers, and even when Soyoung tries to appease the child, she ends up crying. So Soyoung lets Hyeonyi put make-up on her (which turns out to be a total disaster, by the way). The end result ends up looking something like this:

The president and Yoonseo eventually find the two together, and then Soyoung hurriedly leaves. Hyeonyi, Yoonseo, and the president go to eat at a restaurant together. And that’s when things get interesting.

While they’re eating together, Yoonseo gets in a bit of a sticky spot with Hyeonyi. Their conversation goes something like this:

Yoonseo: Hyeonyi is cute, and the story made up about Jessica is cute too.

Hyeonyi: Who told you that I made up the story? Are you saying that I’m lying?

Yoonseo: Huh? (Silence) Oh, so Hyeonyi really likes to get sweet cakes. I can make delicious sweet cakes. When will you go with me to eat it?

Hyeonyi (with attitude): Sweet cakes are Jessica’s favorite.

Yoonseo: Oh, sorry, that was my mistake.

Hyeonyi: Dad, why didn’t you bring that other ahjumma [Lee Soyoung] over?

(And then later, when the president leaves to take a phone call)

Yoonseo: The doll that I bought for you last time, is it okay?

Hyeonyi (nonchalantly): She got sick and died.

Yoonseo: Oh…

Hyeonyi: You’re not the first one. You’re not the first woman to have dinner with dad and me. You have no sense of humor and you only know how to act cool. You’re the worst girlfriend out of all my dad’s girlfriends.

This kid really knows how to read people. And ouch, Yoonseo just got burned. Big time.