The last part of episode 5 was so crazy and funny; it made me laugh for the very first time ever since this drama started. Lee Soyoung finally gets the chance to bash every single one of her co-workers in her drunken state.

Lee Soyoung’s been entangled in a scandal with a married man, all because she’s working under her sister’s name, Lee Sojin. It’s her sister that’s in the affair, yet she gets blamed for it all because of this lie. (This is another result of telling lies. What is with lies and these current dramas?) Yoonseo (happily) fires Soyoung but the president puts her back into her job after he receives an email from the married man, clearing things up.

Later, everyone goes off to a bar or karaoke room to have fun while Soyoung stays in the workplace and draws. She later falls asleep, but wakes up to see the president leaning over her. To break the silence and awkwardness that has just formed, the president says, “Let’s go join the others!” So the two go, and make their entrance.

Lee Soyoung, angry from everything that has just happened, drinks and drinks. She drinks a few cups of beer, a few one shots, and even finishes the bowl of alcohol. She becomes drunk as a result, and starts yelling at everyone. She points at each person and says something that she’s angry about in regards to them. For the very first time, she speaks her mind in front of those that she works with, and she lets it all out. Choi Jinwook then joins the party, and Soyoung hits him on the head, while screaming at him too. She continues making a huge scene, and then says, “Adult! Psh, I’m an adult too! Do you know how old I am? I’m 34. That’s right! A 4 after the 3!

Oh no she didn’t.