In episode 4, Gong Ahjung begs Hyun Gijoon to marry her for just one month, so that she can take revenge on her “friend” Soran. But he refuses to do so until Hyun Sanghee lends a helping hand…

Sanghee arranges for Ahjung to spend some time with the Chairman and his wife from Shanghai, people who are very valuable to Gijoon as he starts venturing overseas to China in order to expand the business. Ahjung, ignorant of Sanghee’s intentions and plans, spends the whole day with the couple and becomes friends with the wife.

Later, when Gijoon eats with the couple, they mention his wife Ahjung and ask where she is. Gijoon is shocked while the couple continues, talking about how great and friendly of a person Ahjung is. They tell him to bring her next time. The chairman says, “In fact, we always thought that you were a strict workaholic because you were not married until now. My wife says that since you were able to marry that young lady, you must be a good person.” His wife adds, “One look at the wife and you can determine what kind of person the husband is,” showing her approval of Ahjung.

As a result, Gijoon realizes that there are positive effects of pretending to be married to Ahjung. For one, he can improve his image and look more like a family man, and he can also get more business with his friendly “wife’s” help.

So Gijoon stalks Ahjung and finds her in a coffee shop with Soran. He sees her, and while she stares in shock, he says, “Hi honey! Sorry I’m late!” Reversal much? At the end of episode 3, Ahjung surprised Gijoon by saying “I’m here honey!” in front of his friends and Soran, and now she’s the surprised one. Gijoon fakes a smile (that is so ridiculously plastered on his face). Soran looks in disbelief as Gijung walks over, takes Ahjung’s bag while calling her “Jungie” and puts his arm around her as he escorts her out.

The two go for a drive and they end up going back to the boat place that Ahjung first brought Gijoon to. They get on the duck boat, pedal to a place where nobody knows then, and then Gijoon says, “Let’s get married,” and the episode ends.

Now things are getting exciting! I can’t wait to see how the couple works out as they pretend to be married, and I’m looking forward to everyone’s shocked faces even more! All of Ahjung’s coworkers and friends always underestimated her, but she’s gonna be back, stronger than ever. They just better be prepared for what she’s got in store.