It’s time to give you guys another update! Want to watch a drama that’s currently airing? Then let me tell you what’s hot and what’s not right now. Hopefully it’ll help you out with choosing what to watch and what to avoid.

I finished 49 Days a few days ago; I recently posted a lengthy review on it, so if you’re contemplating whether or not to watch it, then read the review (WARNING: it has spoilers).

Right now, I’m looking forward to Lie To Me most. Only 4 episodes have aired so far, but the next two are going to air tomorrow and Tuesday. Things are getting interesting in this drama and aside from the slightly melodramatic aspect of this drama, it’s #1 on my list right now.

Baby-Faced Beauty is another drama that I’m watching right now. It’s pretty low-key and not that dramatic compared to some other dramas airing right now, but it sure is funny and cute. It also manages to be a bit serious at some times. I love Jang Nara too! Her youthful appearance fits perfectly with her character here. Episode 8 and 9 will be airing tomorrow and Tuesday.

Best Love, the Hong Sisters’ current project, currently airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It’s not as funny as I initially expected for it to be, but it’s still pretty good and I’m expecting it to get better in the future. Also, I love the whole Dokko Jin–Goo Aejung–Doctor love triangle. And the doctor gives some nice eye candy to this drama. The eyesore? Goo Aejung’s horrible style. I know it’s part of her character and all, but if only she wore better clothes…

Romance Town is by far the worst drama out of these four so far. It’s boring, nothing really happens, and it’s not funny at all. So I do NOT recommend this drama. In fact, I might drop it soon if it really becomes a complete waste of my time.