I don’t know why, but I love writing about the first kisses in dramas and how they come about. The first kiss in rom-com Lie To Me has arrived earlier than I thought, in episode 6.

Gong Ahjung holds her housewarming party and to her surprise, Hyun Gijoon appears to help host the party. The two act like a loving couple together in front of her friends, and after dinner, Ahjung and Gijoon sing a song together.

Before we even know it, the two are up in front of the TV, awkwardly singing together and not looking close to being married to each other. And then suddenly, Gijoon stops singing, and he’s staring at Ahjung. A bunch of memories and flashbacks return to his mind, starting from the first episode, when he first encountered Ahjung outside the club. He reminisces and Ahjung notices him staring at her (creepy much?). She stops singing, and the two are gazing at each other. All of Ahjung’s friends notice and they’re confused about the current situation.

Then Gijoon grabs Ahjung (in what seems to be like a swooping motion) and kisses her. I thought that the episode would end right there, but it doesn’t, as the kiss continues for about 15-20 more seconds. The two are locking lips and some lip action is going on, and their friends have various reactions. And THEN the episode ends.

Let me just say that the end of this episode was pretty good. And I’m itching for more now. Too bad the next episode comes out next week…