Previously, I was contemplating on whether I should or should not watch City Hunter. Initially I was swayed, not because of Lee Minho, Park Minyoung, or Goo Hara, but for none other than Lee Kwangsoo. (Lee Kwangsoo FTW!!)

However, I decided against it because Lee Kwangsoo only plays a supporting role of a computer genius (He’s more than ten characters down the list of characters. :/). Instead, I will post pictures of his cuts in City Hunter that I find on Korean news sites.

As mentioned earlier, Lee Kwangsoo is portraying Go KiJoon, an intellect, and for this role, he had to shave off his trademark facial hair and messy haircut.

While I assume Lee Kwangsoo’s character is serious, I can’t help but crack a smile when looking at the stills from the drama since it’s so different from Lee Kwangsoo’s true character.

Check out the stills from episode two below:

Please continue to support Lee Kwangsoo in City Hunter!