Seems like these days, kisses are coming early into dramas. But I’m not complaining. Baby-Faced Beauty revealed its first kiss in episode 7, although it was more stiff than other kisses.

Lee Soyoung goes to the president’s house because his daughter calls her there, and she ends up making food and babysitting for a while. Choi Jinwook finds out about Lee Soyoung’s whereabouts and runs to the president’s house. He’s jealous and angry that Lee Soyoung’s walking into another man’s house and without realizing it, he’s grown feelings for her.

However, Soyoung sees Jinwook’s strange actions as something else. She thinks that he’s acting that way because he likes Kang Yoonseo (a classmate that used to like). Soyoung and Jinwook leave together and Soyoung angrily yells at Jinwook.

And then before she knows it, he leans in and kisses her. As for the kiss, it was more of a lip to lip stuck together kiss. There wasn’t really any lip action, so I was a bit disappointed. But it’s alright. I’m going to expect more for the kisses to come though.