Yup, the title says it all. Romance Town has made some major advancements in its plot and character developments, and one of these is the alter ego/identity of protagonist No Soongeum.

She’s won the lottery and has a room full of money now. In episode 5, when she goes to the shopping mall to pick something up for her boss, she ends up getting a free makeover and she decides to splurge a little on some nice clothes. And Soongeum really becomes a completely different person – she looks so much more sophisticated, stylish, and beautiful. I mean, she was always cute and pretty before the makeover, but after the makeover, WOW.

I’m a sucker for a few things in dramas, and one of them is transformations. This drama has so far implemented a few of these full body transformations and they seem to be a big part of the entire storyline. For me, when a character rises from loser status to the awesome, cool, perfect status that everyone wants, then I feel my interest spike up. I start to fall in love with the character and these transformations (that, for the most part, make them more physically attractive) get me hooked onto the drama. This one transformation definitely hooked me; before watching this episode, I was planning on quitting this drama because literally nothing was happening. But now, I’ve decided to stay with it. I finally see some hope in it.

Anyways, more on the plot stuff. No Soongeum gets a wig that gives her long hair, gets a new outfit, wears make-up, and looks absolutely stunning. Kang Gunwoo sees her and asks her to drink coffee with him. He doesn’t recognize her, and when Soongeum sees her maid friends in the elevator, they don’t recognize her either. I didn’t even recognize her – that goes to show how drastic her transformation was.

Soongeum spends an hour or two with Gunwoo, and she finds herself falling for him. On the other hand, Gunwoo finds himself falling for her – err, not really Soongeum, but Siah, the person that Soongeum claims to be. (Siah is actually Soongeum’s friend’s name, so she borrows the name and has this second identity thing going on.) Soongeum adds to this second identity plan by buying 2 different phones and using one as her own, and the other as her alter ego Siah. I wonder how long she’ll be able to keep this up..but at least it makes this drama interesting.