…Goo AeJung, Goo AeJung, and Goo AeJung.

Before the broadcast of Couple Making Season 3, Yoon PilJoo is told that if he wants continue the program, he must eliminate Goo AeJung. The staff members tell him, “It has nothing to do with your feelings, but we have to keep this program alive. So please, eliminate Goo AeJung,” and “The thing is, your heart is set on Goo AeJung, so you’re leaving the others out and there’s no tension. The show has to do with your feelings, so we can’t do anything about it, but please consider our situation.”

Dokko Jin, aware of the situation, tells Yoon PilJoo that he should keep her on the show this week and give her one more chance, and can eliminate her the next week.

Yoon PilJoo seems heartbroken at the thought, and goes to talk to Goo AeJung:

Yoon PilJoo: Are you okay? It seems like the current situation is difficult for you. I’m sorry I can only stand on the side and watch.

Goo AeJung: It’s already over. It’s not that important anymore.

Yoon PilJoo: I’m not from this entertainment world, so I don’t know the rules of this world and how to protect you. So I’ll just protect you in my own way. Please forgive me.

Goo AeJung: If you need to eliminate me, don’t feel too bothered by it. I won’t blame you.

As the actual broadcast starts, Yoon PilJoo has a sour expression, and seems very unhappy of what he has to do.

When it’s his turn to give his roses to the three females he will chose, he walks up to Goo AeJung. He slowly gives one rose to Goo AeJung, and the staff members sigh, saying that he really didn’t listen to them. But then, he slowly gives his second rose to her, and finally, his last, to everyone’s surprise. Dokko Jin, who came to see what Yoon PilJoo would do, sighs, saying, “I only told him to give one rose to her.”

The recording is stopped after that, and Goo AeJung and Yoon PilJoo go to talk in a dressing room. Goo AeJung asks him, “Why did you do that? Even if it won’t be broadcast, a lot of reporters recorded it and it can’t be fixed.” He replies,

Didn’t I say I’d do it by my own method? Even though I apologized to you, actually, I’m angry at myself. Seeing that you’re misunderstood, getting caught in different situations, and seeing that person shake you’re heart, I’m angry. The person you say you’re attracted to is Dokko Jin, right? I’ve seen the two of you together before. You two live in a world where strange events and things I don’t understand happen. I wanted to take you away from that world. To do this, I must do the first step and grab hold of you even when he has shaken your heart. This is my method and honest confession of my feelings to you. Now, instead of just treating you well, I want to make sure you won’t get hurt again. I want to protect you. 구애정씨, 저는 구애정씨를 좋아합니다. (Goo AeJung, I like you.)

Yoon PilJoo’s scenes are constantly filled with blissful romance, reminding me of Alex Chu when he was on MBC’s We Got Married with Shinae. No matter how much Dokko Jin and Goo AeJung must be a couple, the character of Yoon PilJoo is so sweet and sincere, it’s hard to see him lose. Whenever he does something that might hurt her in the smallest way, he has a way of making up for it in a way so much more grander than expected. He indeed has “his own way” of protecting Goo AeJung.