Paraphrased conversations taken from various scenes from episodes 1-6 of MBC’s Best Love when Yoon PilJoo teaches Goo AeJung doctor techniques.

[making hiccups go away]

(Goo Ae Jung is hiccuping, and Yoon PilJoo comes by to help her make them go away)

Yoon PilJoo: So I heard you have hiccups?

Goo Ae Jung: Ah, yes. (fake hiccups)

Yoon PilJoo: You don’t really have hiccups…you’re producing the sound with your throat. In a little while, you’re throat will probably hurt; it’s not good to do that.

Goo AeJung: (chuckles) You found me out. So, doctor, what am I supposed to do if I really do have hiccups?

Yoon PilJoo: Press here. (puts finger at sternum)

Goo AeJung: Oh, okay. (presses sternum)

Yoon PilJoo: But don’t press too hard, you can die if you press it too hard.

Goo AeJung: (chuckles) Oh, okay then; thank you doctor.


[stabilizing one’s emotions]

Yoon PilJoo: (puts fingers to Goo AeJung’s wrist) If I put my fingers here, you can’t say anything.

[ignoring bad comments]

(nurses at Yoon PilJoo’s clinic criticize his lack of sense in saying that he would invite Goo AeJung, an undesirable celebrity, to sing at a nurse’s wedding)

Goo AeJung: (nurses criticize Yoon PilJoo) Sometimes, there are things that we’re better off not listening to.

(nurses criticize Goo AeJung; Yoon PilJoo puts his hands up to Goo AeJung’s face, covering her ears)

[reducing frustration]

Goo AeJung: What am I supposed to do if I feel frustrated, doctor? (hits chest)

Yoon PilJoo: You instinctively hit your chest when you feel frustrated because it reduces frustration.

Goo AeJung: Ah, so this actually helps. Thank you doctor.


[comforting a sad person]

Goo AeJung: (in tears) Doctor, what should I do? Even after I press here (presses wrist) and hit myself here (hits her chest), I don’t seem to feel any better. What should I do when the tears don’t stop flowing?

Yoon PilJoo: When this happens, this will be good. (he hugs her)

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