On the May 28th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Weekly, Kim Taewon and his daughter, Kim Seohyun, were found after filming an advertisement. There, Kim Seohyun revealed her father’s surprising reason for liking Soo Ae.

Kim Taewon and Kim Seohyun’s father-daughter relationship was revealed in an impromptu quiz that was part of the interview. The two were asked to write down the answer to “Who is Kim Taewon’s Favorite Actress?” on separate whiteboards, their answers unveiling their perfect harmony. Both Kim Taewon and Kim Seohyun wrote down “Soo Ae.”

When Kim Taewon was asked what part of Soo Ae he liked, his daughter answered on his behalf, saying, “It was like love at first sight,” bringing the set to laughter. However, Kim Taewon couldn’t contain his embarrassment, which showed through his expression.

(On a side note, notice how there’s a man and woman in the background for a few of the screen caps. xD)

Photos: KBS 2TV

Article: Newsen