I thought that this lie thing would last for a while before Soongeum is discovered, but I guess I was wrong.  I’m not sad that her alter ego is gone now – I actually find it realistic and nice that Gunwoo finds out about the whole scheme before it gets out of hand and lasts for the majority of this drama.

This drama is not even supposed to be based on a lie – I feel like the lie is just a little part of the drama. The bigger part of the drama is the idea that a maid falls in love with her boss. Now that’s what this drama is supposed to be about. It’s not supposed to be about a girl that takes on multiple identities to win her man.

But indeed, I was surprised. Surprised that Soongeum only pretends to be another person for 2-3 episodes before being discovered by Gunwoo at the end of episode 7. Surprised that she gets discovered pretty easily.

I’m crossing my fingers for more excitement from this show! Especially after seeing what happens at the end of episode 8..