And so the love square/triangle begins!

While Jang Miri and Yutaka share a hug in the subway in episode three, it seems that she is more drawn to workaholic Jang Myunghoon, as she not only rejects Yutaka, but even furthers her relationship with Jang Myunghoon in episode four.


From a back hug to a kiss, Jang Myunghoon and Jang Miri’s once employer-employee relationship blossoms into a love relationship in the matter of one night.

I must admit that episode two seemed a bit bland compared to episode one, possibly because I only had time to watch episode two a couple days after watching episode one. Looking at the stills, it seems like the drama is progressing quickly, but hopefully this doesn’t mean that it’ll lose its steam in subsequent episodes.

Baby-Faced Beauty seized the top ratings for Monday’s 21:55 time slot, but it faces close competition from Miss Ripley and Lie to Me, both of which show no signs of planning to back out anytime soon. Stay tuned to Miss Ripley to find out how Jang Miri’s lie and the various characters’ relationships develop!