When Yutaka tries to comfort a seemingly traumatized Jang Miri, she gives him a curt response:

유타카: 무슨 일이냐? / Yutaka: What’s wrong?

미리: 미안하지만 지금은 그런 이야기할 기분이 아니다. 이건 내 문제다. 상관하지 말아. / Miri: Sorry, but right now I’m not in the mood to explain that kind of story. This is my problem. Don’t interfere.

Jang Miri brushes Yutaka off, even when he offers to help her and be a friend.

Yutaka is the perfect suitor; he’s handsome, kind, and the son of a chaebol. Yoochun never appealed to me before when he was in DBSK and now JYJ, because I always found Junsu and Jaejoong better-looking. However, this drama might very well make Yoochun my favorite. Both Lee Dahae and Yoochun are good-looking, so they would make a nice couple; however, if Jang Miri doesn’t accept the well-rounded Yutaka and his love soon, his heart may wander around…and well end up in Moon Heejoo’s possession. Stay tuned to Miss Ripley to find out how the love lines between various characters unravel!