Title: 최고의 사랑
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Average Episode Rating: 12.5% Nationwide

Main Cast: I was surprised when the main cast of this drama was announced, especially for the main protagonists. I didn’t expect the Hong Sisters to choose these two, since they both don’t seem fit for the romantic comedy area and also because I can’t imagine them as a couple. But it worked out fine (although kind of awkwardly at first), so I guess I was worrying for nothing.

Gong Hyojin as Goo Aejung:

Gong Hyojin has acted in many movies and dramas; I’ve only seen Pasta out of all those other titles on the list. In fact, that was when I was first introduced to the actress Gong Hyojin. I loved her acting in Pasta but I never expected her to be in a drama like this, since she doesn’t really seem like the type of person that would have such a character as that of Goo Aejung. But she’s proven me wrong; she is an actress after all, so it’s her job to take on a variety of characters and make them convincing.

Goo Aejung used to be in a popular girl group back in the day, KBSN (which stands for National Treasure Girls). She was the member of the group with the most fame, but after the group broke up soon after its debut, she was featured in many scandals, leading to her downfall in the entertainment industry. Nobody remembered her much anymore, and she did not have the popularity and fame that she once had as a teenage girl.

Cha Seungwon as Dokko Jin:

Cha Seungwon is also quite an experienced actor, and I came to know him through Athena. Let’s just say that his character there was very different from the one in this drama. He played the villain who actually had a heart for the one he loved, and he was evil. Yet, here he’s not really like that. If the Hong Sisters’ decision in choosing Gong Hyojin to be the main lead was interesting, then their decision to choose Cha Seungwon as the other main lead was bewildering to me. But like I mentioned above, he’s an actor, so he’s expected to take on roles that aren’t the same.

Dokko Jin is the actor that everyone’s swooning over. He’s not the greatest actor, yet everyone loves him. In reality, he’s arrogant, stuck up, and rude – even labeled as the ‘king of disrespect’ from Goo Aejung.

Yoo InNa as Kang Seri:

Now if it’s one actor that I’m familiar with in this drama, it’s Yoo InNa. She’s one of the few actors from YG Entertainment, one of the big three music companies in Korea. She was initially going to debut as a singer, but instead chose acting, which I’m okay with, since the music scene these days is filled with too many idol singers that lack talent and stage presence. I would rather see her in dramas and movies instead of on music shows. But anyways, Yoo InNa made her acting debut through the sitcom High Kick Through The Roof, and then she continued her career by landing some roles in the hit drama Secret Garden, the movie My Black Minidress, and now this.

Kang Seri was also part of KBSN, but she was the maknae of the group and received little attention from the public. 10 years later, she’s gotten way more popular, surpassing Aejung and becoming a celebrity icon that people want to copy and be like. She’s got it all, and a reversal has definitely taken place between her and Aejung. Oh, and she used to go out with Dokko Jin, which makes things a bit more complicated.

Yoon Kyesang as Yoon Piljoo:

Yoon Kyesang started his entertainment career in the 90s with the successful group god. After the group disbanded, he started acting in dramas and movies, and now he’s here, in this drama. That’s all I can really say about him. I do know a number of god songs but I don’t know individual members or anything. You should ask wannabefob about that if you wish to know more.

Yoon Piljoo is an herbal medicine doctor who is too focused on his job to date. He is very straightforward and lacks some common sense sometimes. He gets recruited to join the variety show “Making Couple,” where he gets paired up with Goo Aejung. He then falls for her and I assume that you know what happens then.

Director + Producer + Screenwriter:

One of the directors of this drama is Park Hongkyun, who directed the 2009 hit, Queen Seonduk. The producer of this drama, Kim Jinman, produced dramas like I Really Really Like You and one of my all-time favorites, East of Eden.

The screenwriters (my main reason for watching this drama) are the famous Hong Sisters, who have established their name through dramas such as My Girl and You’re Beautiful. If you’re interested in the other dramas that they’ve written for, then look them up on Google and you’re bound to find an article about them. These two are known for creating witty rom-com dramas, so I’m expecting a lot from them here.

Synopsis (from Dramawiki- not very accurate):

Aejung is a female band member who is already over the hill. When she enters a variety show to pretend marriage with the top star Jin, she gets entangled in a love triangle along with her ex-bandmate Kang Seri. Yoon Piljoo is a doctor of oriental medicine who has no interest in the entertainment industry but meets Aejung by chance and falls for her.

First Few Episodes:

Let’s just say that I was once again pleased by the Hong Sisters and their work was very evident through the first few episodes. The beginning episodes were just as I expected – some humor and some serious business mixed together – it was perfect. 

The opening scene of KBSN performing and their first ever win on a music show made me laugh because the whole situation was a great mimic of real music shows in Korea. Everything was spot on. When KBSN won the prize, they did the usual crying scene that we all see when new groups win a prize for the first time ever, and then they made the usual speech that goes like “Thank you so much for your support, we can’t believe that we won. Please continue to love and support us in the future.” I loved it. From then on, I was hooked.

I also loved the situations that the Hong Sisters weaved into the first few episodes, like the guessing game on the variety show between Dokko Jin and Goo Aejung, and the misunderstanding with doctor Yoon Piljoo early on. He asks her to name a price and she assumes that she’s being treated like a prostitute, while he thinks that she’s going to work for him in the future, so he wants her to name her price, as in salary. Funny moments like this kept the show going high from the start.


At first, I loved the doctor- he’s so gullible and ignorant yet cool, nice, and sweet. His smile simply made me melt and he truly is the perfect man. Smart, funny, good-looking, good family background- what else could you ask for? (However, the doctor became annoying later on and his facial expressions were awkward.)

This drama features great OST songs- certainly not the best, but still pretty good. I would often hum to the “Thump Thump” song and some of the heartfelt ballads that played during the drama.

The Hong Sisters always tend to add some cute symbol or catchy phrases to describe the main couple of their dramas, and they excel at this time and time again. In You’re Beautiful, we had the pig rabbit and the touching nose thing; in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, we had the huge chicken drumstick pillow and the pun on Gu Miho’s name. In this drama, we have the potato and the “Ding Dong” phrase. I loved that. 

The end of this drama- something that my sister and I have emphasized over and over and over again, was actually very good. Everything ended well and just like Dream High, there was still some plot and steam until the very last second of this drama. I like how everything boiled down in a smooth manner and how nothing seemed too rushed (okay, so maybe the wedding and child part was a bit fast). Personally, after the drama ended, I felt satisfied and nothing was missing. I love how the Hong Sisters made all the characters turn out good and angelic in the end. Why keep characters evil and bad until the very end? I don’t get it.


One of the biggest problems that I have with this drama is the fact that Dokko Jin starts liking Goo Aejung early on. Not that it’s a bad thing, of course. But I feel that he only liked her because he got heart surgery while listening to KBSN’s debut (and only) song, and as a result, his heart always beats really fast while the song is playing. Aejung’s ringtone is of that song, so whenever her phone rings, Dokko Jin’s heart rate quickly increases. And suddenly, he concludes that he likes her because of that. I guess I see the correlation, but then again, not really. As the drama comes to an end, Dokko Jin’s small crush on Goo Aejung turns into this deep and everlasting love. It was kind of a jump that I did not really foresee in the beginning, and I just feel that there should’ve been less of a jump.

Also, what’s with Goo Aejung’s style? I know that she doesn’t choose her own wardrobe, but I feel that her clothing choices were horrible. Many times, I’d think to myself, “What in the world is she wearing?!” and it just made me really frustrated. But that’s just a personal problem I had with this drama. I guess in the end it just adds to Goo Aejung’s overall character, although I didn’t like it one bit.

I started watching this drama because I knew that the Hong Sisters were behind this one, but I found myself disappointed. Maybe it’s because I was watching four other dramas while watching this one, but this drama just really never completely hooked me. Sure, it was interesting and funny, but I never got that drama addiction here. I never really yearned to watch the next episodes, I never really waited desperately – it always seemed to be the last drama on my priority list, and probably one of the dramas that I would drop if I had to quit one.

Additional Commentary: Not my favorite Hong Sisters drama but I guess it’s still worth watching. It’s funny, cute, and everything that you’d like to see in a romantic comedy.

Subjective Rating (how much I personally liked the drama): 7/10

Objective Rating (how good the drama actually was): 7/10