As May has ended long ago and now June is coming to an end, it’s time to round up the list of dramas that I previously introduced. I can’t believe that I’ve been watching the majority of these dramas over the past few weeks while trying to juggle summer school and other things in my life. Well, I just gotta say, I’m glad and relieved that the majority of these dramas will be ending in the next few weeks or so. Phew!

So what’s hot and what’s not? Check under the cut for my thoughts.

1. Baby-faced Beauty: HOT

This drama started out very low-key and it still is; probably the least anticipated drama, yet this underdog came out on top and right now it’s the most exciting one to watch. There are numerous competitions, and the love between the two main characters is so cute, adorable, and just plain innocent. It’s as if they’re little teenagers that have never been in love before. I love this! And all the fashion styling going on is an extra plus.

2. Greatest Love: HOT

This drama just ended last week with quite a following of teenage girls. Hop right on, for you won’t regret this one. It’s funny, breezy, and worth watching. Ding Dong!

3. Lie to Me: NOT HOT

I started watching this drama with big expectations only to find myself disappointed. I love the chemistry and I love the main characters, but I don’t love the plot, which is all over the place. Worth watching for eye candy but it’s nothing more than that.

4. Romance Town: HOT

Honestly, I’m hooked to this drama. I love the whole money twist and the reversal of fate that slowly takes place (the maids vs the bosses). While many have found this drama boring and uneventful, I think that a lot happens and I don’t mind the “slow” pace.

5. City Hunter: NO IDEA

I really want to watch this drama, but at this moment, it’s sort of impossible seeing as I’m already watching a bunch of other dramas. I feel like this drama will lean towards the “HOT” rank though, since it seems like everyone’s addicted to it. But that’s only what others think, not my personal thoughts.

6. Miss Ripley: HOT

Not watching every minute of this drama, but I am reading recaps and watching little bits and pieces (Wannabefob’s the one truly watching this drama). I actually hate the main character for being so selfish and playing two amazing guys at the same time, but this drama is interesting. Too bad I already know what’s going to happen, so I kind of dread watching this drama since it’s like basically watching the demise and fall of the main character.

I didn’t find any of these dramas super addicting and I don’t think that they’re going to top my list of favorite dramas, but they’re still nice, breezy watches. However, keep in mind that you’re not missing out on anything by choosing to opt out of watching these dramas.

I’m so sorry for not updating this blog in a while- I went a little crazy uploading pictures from dramas on Areyounice, and I just felt that while so much does happen in these dramas, there’s really not much happening. Thus, there wasn’t much to really post about. I will try to post more in the future but no guarantees.