The drama’s off to a slow start, but the eye candy sure is appealing. Not much happens in episode 2. The music competition that takes place is perhaps the most appealing and interesting part of this episode.

At the start of the episode, Gyuwon and Lee Shin decide to hold a competition against each other to see which is better – modern music or traditional. Some background on this scene- in episode 1, we see that Lee Shin can’t come to the concert to perform because his sister suddenly becomes ill. The concert is held to help pay for Gyuwon’s professor’s hospital fees, since she’s very sick. However, Lee Shin doesn’t show up, Gyowon ends up humiliated, and to make matters worse, her professor passes away that night. Lee Shin goes up to Gyowon the next day to compensate with money for missing the concert, but she’s too angry to accept it since it’s no use anymore. Gyuwon insults Lee Shin’s “loud, banging music,” thus angering Lee Shin. As a result, the competition is initiated.

Both Lee Shin and Gyuwon tell their friends about the competition, and pretty soon, the entire school knows. The traditional music department encourages Gyuwon and her friends to make them proud and show everyone that traditional music is beautiful, while the modern music department roots for Lee Shin and “The Stupid” as they don’t want to lose face either.

Lee Shin and Gyuwon appear very confident in front of each other, but the truth is, they’re shaking with fear inside. They both regret their rash actions and neither one wants to lose. So with their bands, they practice and practice for hours on end without breaks, and they keep changing their minds about the songs that they want to perform because they seek perfection and the winning title.

The competition day comes, and everyone’s gathered. It’s a showdown- traditional vs. modern, who will win, and who will concede loss? The host flips a coin to see which group performs first- Gyuwon picks heads, so Lee Shin is tails. The coin lands on tails, Lee Shin and “The Stupid” are up. They make all their fans scream with their performance and they leave the stage feeling pretty confident.

After receiving a little pep rally from her grandfather, Gyuwon and her friends go onto the stage, surprising everyone with their performance. As the piece is about to reach its climate, Gyuwon’s string breaks and the performance abruptly stops. As a result, “The Stupid” wins, although everyone knows that Gyuwon and her friends had a good chance of claiming victory if the string didn’t break.

See the competition (“The Stupid” starts performing at 4:00 and Gyuwon’s group starts at around 6:25):