By now, you’ve probably seen Yoo In Na somewhere, although you may only vaguely remember her. Yoo In Na – the late bloomer with a youthful and refreshing appearance, is finally starting to become a bigger name in the Korean entertainment industry.

Background & Rise to Fame:

Surprisingly, Yoo In Na is part of YG Entertainment, one of the forefront entertainment companies known mainly for producing popular Kpop groups Big Bang and 2NE1 and music with great beats to go with it. Many only see YG Entertainment’s musical side, and little do they know about the actors in the company. Yoo In Na is one of a small number of actors that are currently under YG Entertainment.

Yoo In Na is the youngest of two sisters. She often dreamt of being a singer and was the vocalist of a band in high school. In the end, however, she she chose the acting road.

Yoo In Na attended Soonae High School and later Kyungwon college as a department secretary.

Yoo In Na first appeared to the public in 2007 throughComedy TV’s I Am Your Pet Season 1. However, she did not make her formal debut until 2009 in the sitcom High Kick Through The Roof.

Physical Appearance & Interests:

Yoo In Na is currently 29 years old. She was born on June 5, 1982. She is 165 cm tall and 44 kg. In my opinion, this actress has a very youthful face. I found myself surprised after I discovered her age. She can pass as cute or hot, depending on what she wears and how she acts.

Yoo In Na likes singing, watching movies, and writing.


Yoo In Na first acted in High Kick Through The Roof in 2009 alongside many rookie actors. In the sitcom, her character leaves home to live with her boyfriend (played by actor Lee Kwangsoo). She auditions for many entertainment companies in order to become a celebrity and eventually gets accepted. She debuts as part of an idol group in High Kick, rising to fame as she always wished.

In 2010, Yoo In Na acted in Secret Garden as Gil Raim’s (played by Ha Jiwon) friend. She works in the department store owned by Kim Joowon and lives with Gil Raim, so she’s kind of like the best friend character that goes through thick and thin with the main character.

This year (2011) so far seems to be Yoo In Na’s most active year. Yoo In Na was part of the main four in the Hong Sisters’ Greatest Love, so she definitely had a lot of screen time in that drama. Yoo In Na is scheduled to also act in Birdie Buddy, which will make its entrance onto the TV screen later this year.


Yoo In Na has acted short roles in Arang and Fair Love, which were released in 2006 and 2010 respectively.

Yoo In Na’s biggest role in movies to date has been in this year’s chick flick My Black Mini Dress. In this movie, she acted as one of four best friends. She’s rich and has everything she could possibly want from a materialistic viewpoint, but her parents separate and then divorce. This leaves a mental scar on her, even making her want to commit suicide at one point.

Variety Shows:

In 2010, Yoo In Na was part of SBSGood Sunday line-up in the variety show Heroes, which ended its run on May 1 of this year due to low ratings (the competition is tough).

Yoo In Na has appeared on other variety shows as a guest (like Strong Heart), entertaining the audience with her stories and skills.

CFs & More:

In 2010, Yoo In Na participated in a CF for Maxim TOP Coffee alongside actors Won Bin and Shin Min Ah.

This year, the actress has taken on two advertisements so far- one for Gillette and the other for Lotte.

Yoo In Na is currently one of the two models for G-Market, an online shopping site. The other model is Big Bang‘s G-dragon, who is in the same company as Yoo In Na.

During her acting career, Yoo In Na has also starred in a few music videos- Big Bang’s Tell Me Goodbye, Brian Joo‘s In My  Head, and Humming Urban Stereo‘s You That Day.


Yoo In Na won the “Best Actress Award” at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards as well as first place in the Lotte Smartphone Film Festival.

Why I Love Her:

It’s interesting, because I rarely see all of an actor or actress’ works, yet I’ve seen all of Yoo In Na’s works. As of this date, I have seen each movie and drama that Yoo In Na has acted in. I didn’t even start these movies or dramas for her, but somehow, I ended up seeing her in them, which is really something.

I love this girl for her versatile acting in a variety of dramas, and for her cute yet mature appearance. I also admire her for stepping into acting when many others in her entertainment chose the singing road.

Additional Websites:

Interested in finding out more about Yoo In Na? Then check out the websites below! With each website, I’ve written a brief description about it; you can feel free to browse around and learn more about this up and coming actor! Also, I have taken most of the information about Yoo In Na from these websites (so I guess you could also call this a bibliography).

1. – This is YG Entertainment’s page of Yoo In Na. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot of information to work with here except her resume, some pictures, and a few fun facts.

2. – This is Yoo In Na’s personal Cyworld Minihompy.

3. – This site gives an overview of all the CFs, awards, and dramas that Yoo In Na has acted in. It also gives a bit of background information on the actress.

4. – This is Yoo In Na’s Daum profile. In all honesty, it’s very similar to the Nate profile.