I’ve jumped on board with the others on this drama. I just couldn’t help it- thank goodness the majority of dramas of May are done and over now. This drama, in my opinion, is off to a good start- it’s everything I want in a light romantic comedy, and I love the leads (although I’m not their biggest fan).

So what got me into this drama? Not Eric, and not Han Yeseul either. Honestly, I wasn’t even a fan of these two before, although I did see their acting in previous dramas (Super Rookie, Couple or Trouble). I was actually watching Baby-Faced Beauty (which aired right before this drama) and at the end of the episode, I was expecting to see a preview for the next episode. However, what I got instead was a trailer for Spy Myungwol.  Let’s just say that I saw the preview, looked up more previews on Youtube, and decided that I was gonna watch this drama. I was already excited and addicted without even watching the first episode.

The first episode of this drama is very entertaining and funny, just as it should be. The arrogant star thing is starting to get annoying, but it’s still okay at this point. I see a lot of potential for this drama to become popular, but then again, you never know until you watch more. Look at the recent Lie to Me– looked good, ended up horrible.

In my opinion, episode 2 didn’t fare as well as episode 1. I found it boring at times and slow, but the last 10 minutes caught my attention and spiked up my interest a bit. Needless to say, I’m definitely looking forward to episode 3! Drama, bring it on.