As the drama begins to wind down to an end, it’s time to compare the two lovers of Jang Miri- Jang Myunghoon and Song Yoohyun. Who is the better man?

This post will be an evaluation on both men based on certain criteria: Background/childhood, capability, power, difficulty*, physical appearance (looks), and personality.

Let’s start with Jang Myunghoon, since he was Jang Miri’s first lover.

(Background/Childhood: 1/5)

Unlike Song Yoohyun, Jang Myunghoon had a tough childhood. His father was a drug and alcohol addict, and he was so poor that he didn’t aspire to be anything or anyone, with fear of his possible inability. When he grew older, he became a doctor, and ended up marrying a renown pianist and the daughter of the president of Hotel A, whom he first encountered as a patient seeking treatment for her badly wounded hands.

(Capability: 5/5)

Despite marrying into Hotel A, Jang Myunghoon is shown to be very capable and competent in the field of hotel management, as his work makes Hotel A a leader in the hotel industry. But because Myunghoon doesn’t know how to care for his wife, their marriage starts to crumble. When she pushes him away, hoping that he’ll grab onto her, the two end up divorcing as Myunghoon admits that he never knew how to love and care for her.

However, his father-in-law insists on making Myunghoon the heir of Hotel A, not because of their family ties, but because of his great ability as a hotelier.

At Hotel A, Myunghoon is known for being strict and uptight. He is a businessman, treating guests like family to the best of his ability; he does so with ease. Employees fear him, as he is the driving force behind Hotel A. Despite his original profession of a doctor, he adapted to the change in occupation well.

(Power: 4/5)

While Jang Myunghoon and his wife divorce, his ex-father-in-law insists on making Myunghoon the president of Hotel A because his capability in the field is unmatched. Later, Hotel A is bought by Mondo Group, a resort group, and Myunghoon becomes a subordinate to Song Yoohyun, to the point of being directly under his power.

(Difficulty*: 2.5/5)

Jang Myunghoon initially recruits Jang Miri as a Japanese translator, because she knows an uncommon Japanese dialect that is key to serving a client. She tells him that she only has a tourist visa, which makes it difficult for anyone to hire her. She muses, “Even if I went to Tokyo University, I wouldn’t be able to get a job,” to which Myunghoon replies, “You went to Tokyo University? I think I might be able to work something out.”Jang Miri seduces Myunghoon by arranging multiple meetings to talk about “business”. Myunghoon starts to take interest in Miri after she follows him to visit his mom at the hospital, and she takes care of his mom and they wash the sheets together. Their relationship advances another step- there’s a back hug and a kiss, and soon enough, the two share a night at Myunghoon’s home together. They connect through their poor backgrounds; unlike Myunghoon, Miri had many aspirations as a child: to be Miss Korea, or perhaps the president. Originally, Miri takes interest in Myunghoon upon hearing that he will become president of Hotel A; she then uses their relationship to access his office and secretly forge verification of her Tokyo University diploma, quickly rising to the top of her game.

(Physical Appearance: 3/5)

Despite being an older, ahjusshi-type guy, Kim Seungwoo is pretty good-looking for his age. I hate to say this, but I actually thought that his couple scenes with Lee Dahae looked pretty cute. Not in the way that they should date in real life or something (Kim Seungwoo has a wife), but you can tell that both of them have experience by how their 15 year age gap doesn’t look (too) wrong…okay, maybe it does look kind of wrong…but anyways, I’m more curious about Kim Seungwoo’s previous dramas. His character was quite passive in IRIS and Athena: Goddess of War so I didn’t bother to find out more about him.

Unfortunately, when you compare Kim Seungwoo to Park Yoochun (who is way closer to my age, by the way), Park Yoochun wins by a landslide, no joke. (And I’m not saying that just because I’m a fan of Yoochun.)

(Personality: 3.5/5)

Jang Myunghoon’s facade is very cold, harsh, and strong. He gives one a strong sense of reliability, and that’s why Jang Miri starts to really fall in love with him. He is not just an oppa (older brother/boyfriend) to her; he also represents the father she lost at a young age – commanding, firm, and dependable. Jang Miri brings out his kindness and softness – through her, he realizes for the first time what it’s like to fall in love, date, and genuinely have fun.

(Overall Average: 3.17/5)

Now it’s time to look at Song Yoohyun. Song Yoohyun is the son of Mondo Group’s president, thus making him a second-generation chaebol. His mother is Japanese, and his father is Korean. At a young age, his mother passed away, and his father remarried. He’s always felt a strong connection to his mother, and constantly yearns for her care and comfort.

(Background/Childhood: 5/5)

Song Yoohyun’s mother died when he was young, and his father later remarried. While he appears to be on good terms with his step mother, their relationship is quite tense beneath the surface. He longs for his late mother more than anything; he tears up at the thought of her and constantly wonders if she’d be proud of his actions.

Despite coming from a rich background, Yoohyun paid his own way through college (Tokyo University). He is the sole successor of his Mondo Group, and tends to hide from the public eye.

(Capability: 4/5)

Raised as a gentleman, Song Yoohyun is not just a very suitable heir, but the only heir of Mondo Group. At the same time, his capability cannot match Jang Myunghoon, whose management skills made Hotel A the top of its game.

When his step mother is against buying Hotel A, Yoohyun’s determination is shown as he goes head-to-head with her by purchasing Hotel A with his own Mondo Group shares.

(Power: 5/5)

Song Yoohyun initiates Mondo Group’s purchase of Hotel A, making him directly in charge of Jang Myunghoon.

(Difficulty*: 1/5)

Song Yoohyun falls in love with Jang Miri at first sight. All he knows about her is that she’s living in a Gosiwon (studying dorms). He doesn’t know anything about her – he just thinks that she resembles the mother that he has been yearning for. As soon as Miri realizes that Yoohyun has more power than Myunghoon, she starts to seduce him by making excuses to go on dates with him and draw closer to him. As they date, he’s blinded by his infatuation, unaware of the fact that Miri is just at him for his money. They connect by the fact that both of them lost their mothers at a young age, and soon enough, are on their path to engagement and marriage.

Like a helpless puppy, he innocently puts his full trust in her.

(Physical Appearance: 5/5)

Park Yoochun is ♥. I must admit, though, his long hair from his DBSK days didn’t leave a good impression on me. Jaejoong and Junsu were my favorites in DBSK, so when DBSK split, my interest in Yoochun was furthered. After seeing him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal (which I didn’t watch for him), I started to take an even greater interest in him, and I am looking forward to his future music and acting projects.

(Personality: 4/5)

As mentioned earlier, Song Yoohyun is a gentleman. He is polite, caring, and compassionate; female employees adore and fawn over him. He is the oblivious nice guy character who is unaware of the fact that his good friend likes him. When he discovers that the Jang Miri he knows is merely a lie, he tries to understand her and justify her actions by uncovering her past. His greatest strength and weakness is his innocence; he wholeheartedly believes in Jang Miri, only wavering when the truth is revealed.

(Overall Average: 4/5)

So all in all, Song Yoohyun wins. Albeit money, background, looks, personality, or Jang Miri, Song Yoohyun wins. Did I mention that he’s Jang Myunghoon’s employer?

*in terms of being seduced